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Monday, September 04, 2006

Gorilla Biscuits Live @ CBGB, NYC Sept. 3, 2006

Gorilla Biscuits @ CBGB 9/3/06I was out of town when Gorilla Biscuits reunited last year to play at one the Save CBGB benefit shows. Yesterday's show was well worth waiting for because the band was in top form. The music scene has strongly missed bands like Gorilla Biscuits who break down the walls between the band and the audience and within the audience. It almost felt like the late 80s again.

Walter & Arthur - Gorilla Biscuits, CBGBFor a band that hasn't toured or played together since 1991 (last year's reunion aside), it was amazing how good the band sounded. In listening to Civ, it sounds like the band is now permanently reunited and Time Out reported that they are working on new material for a future release. For the 75 minutes that they played yesterday, the band concentrated predominately on the back catalog and gave homage to their past. Porcell (Youth of Today) jammed with the band as did Toby Morse from H20. Toby and Gorilla Biscuits covered a Warzone song as a tribute to Raybeez. Ray got a number of shout-outs from the stage and was described by Civ as the skinhead ghost that haunts CBs.

Arthur & Civ - Gorilla Biscuits, CBGB, Sept. 3, 2006At the show, the band was selling a limited edition tour grey vinyl single of two newly recorded songs (pictures below) and At the Matinee was played, according to Civ, for the first time live yesterday. It is things like this that will get me to finally hook up my turntable again.

Pictures of the Tour SingleGorilla Biscuits Tour Single - Inside Cover
Gorilla Biscuits Tour Single - Front Cover