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Monday, September 04, 2006

HR (Bad Brains) Surprise Guest at Gorilla Biscuits Show at CBGB (Sept. 3, 2006)

It is hard to believe that CBGB will be closed as of the end of this month. The last announced show is Agnostic Front on October 1 and, if yeaterday's Gorilla Biscuits show was any indication, all of the "old guard" will by out in force for the show. It was great to see so many familiar faces yesterday, both on and off the stage.

HR (Bad Brains) @ CBGB, Sept. 3, 2006It is a bit sad that it take CBs closing to bring back the Sunday hardcore matinee. Bain and Bold did great sets (more on this in a later post) but one of the highlights for me was the surprise appearance of HR (of the Bad Brains). I grew up outside of DC and saw the Bad Brains numerous times. HR did a three song acoustic reggae set performing seated at the front of the stage. The only song I recognized was Day Tripper but all three songs sounded great. When I left the club at the end of the night, HR was sitting with his guitar outside the Gallary and appeared to have been playing for the spill-over crowd on the sidewalk. I have another picture of HR and some pictures of Gorilla Biscuits posted to Flickr.

As I left the club, someone was passing out a flyer listing the remaining shows at the club. RocksOff has really booked a great lineup. Friday's The Avengers show is a must-see as Penelope Houston is one of nicest persons in the world and can still rock as hard as when The Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols final show in San Francisco in 1978. The only show that I will probably pass on is the Dead Kennedys as I can't seeing paying $35 for a Jello-less band.