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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chicago Doom Pioneer Trouble CDs to be Reissued by Escapi

Trouble (Chicago Doom Metal Pioneers)Escapi Music will be reissuing two classic albums from Chicago doom pioneers TROUBLE. Both Psalm 9 (1984) and The Skull (1985), scheduled to be released on October 24th, have been digitally remastered and feature bonus DVD's containing exclusive live performances and rare photo's with liner notes. Both of these releases have been out of print for years so many thanks to Escapi for re-releasing them and not forcing fans to pay eBay prices.

Here is a review of the original releases from Trouble's website.

Trouble - Trouble
(Metal Blade '84)
And so it was born, the thickest, most tortuous chords in metal, sobbing cataclysmic riffs that shook the ground from six feet under, sent drowned and bloated with Love from Master Of Reality and Vol 4 through the mediums that comprise Chicago's legendary Trouble. Trouble the debut (also known as Psalm 9) is one hell-bent slab of Christian vindictiveness, God portrayed as destructor of all things evil, of which there are a multitude infesting this record. One part despairing religious cleansing, one part ecstatic Christian suicide, Trouble is a resolute steamroll over souls, kicking into battering ram overture for chuggers like Assassin and the eminently precious Bastards Will Pay, but mostly enveloping a flagellated mankind in waves of meltatious wattage, so bent on communicating with nothing human, pummeling with the most desperate and subconscious of Iommi-inspired cries for help as Eric Wagner variously croaks and harangues sinners into the bright flames of God's forgiveness. Truly something alone in loud contemplation of itself.
Rating 9
Trouble - The Skull
(Metal Blade '85)
Trouble come pounding back with a record destined to become their thickest, most dream-like and drowsy of a catalogue marked by brilliance from day one. The Skull is almost the eccentric crazy relative, slipping into a lethargic thrash through shuddering fatigue. Still a marvelous nightmare to behold, there's something overly loose and panic-stricken about this record, an unease which takes over a dirge like The Wish (clocking in at 11:35) and the masochistic title track, making the listener thirst for a roaring headbang. Strange, but I think the illness lies in the drum sound and general percussive performance which is overly busy at times. Of the formidable Trouble repertoire, The Skull will forever reign as the most buried and lost unto itself, most inwardly cancerous, maybe the most frightening.
Rating 8
Escapi Music have also bought the worldwide rights to TROUBLE's forthcoming album, Simple Mind Condition which is due out February 2007. This will be the bands first studio album since 1995's Plastic Green Head. According to, the group's current lineup includes vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL) and the new release will be produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD).

A TROUBLE DVD, Live In Stockholm will follow with a release date scheduled for early 2007.