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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flight Control - iPhone/iPod Touch Game Review (Firemint)

Flight Control - iPhone/iPod Touch Game ReviewFlight Control is currently one of my favorite games and it is well worth the (current) .99 cent price.

The game's premise is deceptively simple; you are an air traffic controller and you have to land red and yellow planes and helicopters on their appropriate runways. You use the touch screen to draw the landing path for each plane. It is easy to get going with this game and that is what makes it additively challenging.

Landing the first 20 or so planes is reasonably straight-forward but, after that, planes start appearing from all sides of the screen...and many of them are queuing for the same runway. The other challenge is that the different types of planes fly at different speeds so it takes a careful eye to set and modify the flight paths for each of the planes to ensure there isn't a mid-air collision.

The ability to pause the game is nice but appleiphoneapps.com posted that Firemint is going to update the game on Friday (April 24th) to include online highscores and the ability to save your game.

While there is only one level of play, I haven't gotten bored of the game after many repeated plays (which says a lot). There is a good reason that Flight Control is the top selling game in the iTunes App Store.

Flight Control (iTunes App Store)