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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Playing for Change: Songs Around The World CD/DVD Review

STREAM: Playing for Change Band - "Don't Worry"

The concept behind Playing for Change is that music the a common bond that can unite people around the world. Playing for Change brings together performers from around the world as they play classic songs of hope, change and protest.

Watching the videos of these performances is particularly poignant as, on "Stand By Me" (which is currently up to over 8 Million views on YouTube), director Mark Ronson seamlessly integrates performances from musicians in diverse locations that range from Santa Monica and New Orleans to Brazil, Russia and the Netherlands. The end result is a unified rendition of the song that brings together each musician's individual performance into a unified and collaborative whole.

Other songs on the disc include covers of Bob Marley's "One Love" (which was released in conjunction with Bob Marley's 64th world-wide birthday celebration) and "War/No More Trouble", Peter Gabriel's "Biko" and the U2/Bob Dylan collaboration "Love Rescue Me". This CD also comes with a seven-track bonus DVD that includes two promo videos and five live performances.

Playing for Change - Songs Around the World will be released on April 28th and Amazon is currently taking pre-orders.

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