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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sky Picnic - Synesthesia CD EP Review (Psychedelia)

DOWNLOAD: Sky Picnic - "Tea Break" (MP3)

Sky Picnic - Synesthesia CD ReviewSky Picnic do an excellent job of bringing the sounds of 60's psychedelia to the present on their debut CD Synesthesia. Sky Picnic plays highly textured psychedelic space-rock and a major point of comparison is the Syd Barrett-era of Pink Floyd.

Taking a look at some of the stand-out tracks on Synesthesia, "Moons of Jupiter" is a (soon to be) classic space-rock instrumental track that is held together with an echo-drenched ("Interstellar Overdrive" style) guitar lead and "Sequence IV" is a 13+ minute multi-part opus that will make a Pink Floyd fan weep with joy.

Even though Synesthesia has only been out a few months, Sky Picnic have a new release, The Psychedelic Picnic in the Sky, Volume I which was recorded this past February. The band describes this release as being "recorded live on the first take and meant to show the more experimental side of the band." This is a digital-only release that is available through the band's website for $2.00.

Sky Picnic are playing a series of Tuesday night residency shows at Otto's Shrunken Head in Alphabet City starting on May 5th. The shows are free and Sky Picnic will be taking the stage at 10PM.