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Friday, March 05, 2010

Footstone Reunites and Reissues 1995 Debut CD 'Lippy' (Dromedary Records)

DOWNLOAD: Footstone - "Mad-G" (from Lippy)

Footstone Reunites and Reissues 1995 Full-Length Debut CD 'Lippy'  After a 10-year hiatus, NJ power-punk band Footstone played a one-off reunion show last month at Maxwell's. Also coming back onto the scene after a similar decade long absence is indie-rock label Dromedary Records who has recently reissued Footstone's debut CD Lippy.

Footstone was always a strong live act and I saw the band numerous times when they made the rounds of the East Village clubs (Continental, CBGB, Brownies, etc.). In the mid-90's, discs like Lippy and Ruth Ruth's Laughing Gallery provided a welcome balance to the sometimes "too serious" straight-edge scene. For anyone who hasn't heard Lippy, there are a number of live songs posted on YouTube from a private party that the band played last year. Jersey Beat described the disc as "a very cool blend of pop, punk, and alternative rock. Very melodic, very tight band, very clean, balanced mix. ‘Mad-G’ is a real standout track, with a kind of DC post-emo influenced sound."

To celebrate the return of Dromedary Records, the label has made available Footstone's debut 7" from 1994, "Wobbles from Side to Side", as a free digital download. In addition to the tracks "Mountain Man" and "Belly", Dromedary has added the previously unreleased song "Airbag" (recorded in 1993).

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