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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Super Newtronic iPhone/iPod Touch Game Review (Phantom EFX)

Super Newtronic iPhone/iPod Touch Game ReviewSuper Newtronic is an addictive game that combines the basic elements of Breakout with a physics puzzle game.

Like Breakout, the concept is simple; you need to break all of the blocks on the screen. Where the fun starts is that you can either draw an energy line (which the ball will bounce off of) by sliding your finger across the screen or you can tap the screen and set off an explosion that will send the ball flying. If you tap and hold, you can charge up a larger explosion that will send the ball further. The catch is that you only have a set amount of energy at any one time (see the blue progress bar on the top-left side of the screen). Your energy recharges over time so you have to monitor how many lines you draw and explosions that you set off. If you run out of energy, your ball will break through the blue blocks at the bottom of the screen and you will lose that turn.

On top of having a limited amount of energy at any one time, your ball is subject to gravity, friction and all the laws of physics. One of the challenges is that it is difficult to get your ball into an 'endless' bounce on top of a block of bricks like you could do in Breakout.

Super Newtronic iPhone/iPod Touch Challenge ModeThere are two modes of play: an endless Arcade mode and a Challenge mode that has 50 unique levels and different possible game endings. Both levels have an online leader board system so that you can keep your competitive passions high.

In the arcade mode, your objective is to keep the advancing blocks from going off the bottom of the screen. Similar to games like Space Invaders, blocks slowly advance down the screen and the pace quickens as levels are successfully cleared. Adding to the complexity and challenge, a number of obstacles are introduced in the higher levels which include switches and gravity changing blocks.

The challenge mode is a time trial where you attempt to break all the blocks on the screen while the clock ticks down. There are nine different game endings based on the path you choose through the different levels within the challenge mode.

Super Newtronics is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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