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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Truck Modz - iPhone Game Review (Lotusland Studios)

Truck Modz Build and Drive - iPhone Game ReviewTruck Modz is an interactive truck building game for the iPhone. While the game looks simply, it is remarkably clever and should be a big hit with the 3-5 year old set.

The game starts with a truck driving down the highway and the gameplay is all about how you interact with the truck. The simplest place to start is to make the truck go faster, slower, stop and back up, which is all done by sliding your finger across the screen. The sound effects are so realistic that my 5-year old spooked the driver when he was playing this in the car. You can also directly interact with the accessories on the truck by turning on the lights and siren, blowing the horn, raising the truck bed and more. There is also a CB icon in the bottom right corner of the screen which you can touch to hear some amusing banter.

Some of the 'gee-whiz' features are that you can shake your iPod and this 3-D game will show you one of four perspectives of your truck as it continues to drive down the road. You can also trick out your truck by selecting the wrench in the upper left corner of the screen. This takes you to the customization screen where you can re-paint your truck and you can swap out your wheels, cab and truck bed. You don't have to select pieces from the same truck style so you can have combinations like a cab pulling a giant hamburger or a combination of snow plow and dump truck pieces.

As an adult, my only complaint was that the background seemed somewhat repetitive. As a 'first app' for a junior gamer, Truck Modz is a winner.

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