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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Armagedda - "I Am" CD EP Review (Nordvis Produktion)

Armagedda - Armagedda's “new” EP, "I Am", contains four previously unreleased tracks from the now defunct Swedish kvlt black metal band.

Armagedda played raw, churning black metal that rises and falls beneath hoarse, snarled vocals. Moderate tempos and five+ minute songs let the grimness and atmosphere of the music build and these four tracks run for 24 minutes. Lo-fi production adds to the overall darkness of the album but there are hints of melodies within these songs (but no trace of light). The four tracks on “I Am” were recorded circa 2002 and the title track was previously performed during the Marching Towards Christian Extermination tour in 2002.

Vocalist / guitarist Graav and guitarist / bassist A called a halt to Armgedda in 2004 after the release of their third LP Ond Spiritism: Diaefvulens Skalder and the band members eventually resurfaced in the folk-metal band Lönndom.