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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Workhorse III - Self-Titled CD Review (DRP Records)

The Workhorse III - Self-Titled CD Review (DRP Records)The Workhorse III is a punk-rock power trio out of Philadelphia who released their self-titled debut CD earlier this summer. The band is fronted by long-time scene veteran guitarist/vocalist Lisa Lyne Flynn who had previously led the punk band LisaChristSuperstar (described in an older interview as playing "play gas guzzling action rock, 70's riff rockets sped to motorpunk velocity"). As The Workhorse III is rounded out by Brian "Blunker" Bloemke (x-Bad Luck 13 and LisaChristSupeerstar) and Eric Perfect (x-Limecell), it should come as no surprise that this new band plays loud, fast and scuzzy rock and roll.

The band crams twelve songs into just over thirty minutes and each of these songs are driven by Flynn's aggressive vocals and slashing guitar work. Musically, the tempos vary across this disc and range from sludgy My War style punk to Courtney Love/Babes in Toyland style alt-rock. While lyrics aren't included with this disc, it is hard to miss the bl*wjob ("Infect The Masses") and drug references ("War Machine" - which I think is a hold-over from LisaChristSuperstar days).

Cutting to the chase - this is balls-out rock and roll. The Workhorse III are touring around the Philadelphia area but the closest that they are coming to NYC is a gig in Asbury Park. Below are the upcoming tour dates:

Sept. 22, 2010 -- The North Star Bar w/ Valient Thorr, Philadelphia, PA
Sept. 29, 2010 -- Asbury Lanes (8PM), Asbury Park, NJ
Oct. 30, 2010 -- Tritone, Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 13 2010 -- The M-Room w/ The Jukebox Zeroes, Philadelphia, PA

The Workhorse III