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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wormrot Continues N. American Tour // Show at The Acheron in Brooklyn on Oct. 3rd

Wormrot Continues N. American Tour // Show at The Acheron in Brooklyn on Oct. 3rdAfter making their N. American debut earlier this month at a show at Bowery Electric, Singapore grindcore band Wormrot are playing a short run of tour dates across the Mid-Atlantic over the next week.

The band has been blogging about their first N. American tour for Invisible Oranges and a snippet from their tour diary is below.

"Things have been a bit rough lately. The drive from Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico was around 8 – 9 hours. Upon reaching there, we had some burritos for a late lunch. It was a nice change of appetite coz we’ve been having pizzas almost everyday. Don’t get me wrong, pizzas are good, but everyday you kind of feel quite sick of it. Hehe… Anyway, the gig wasn’t as massive as the one in Denver. Turnout wasn’t as big as the place, but it was OK, I guess. The good thing is, some of the band members from Noisear came down for the gig. Was great to meet them. One of them played in a side band called The Laughing Dog. Man, they really kill!! Brutal band!!! It was an honor to meet some of the boys from Noisear and share the stage with The Laughing Dog. And guess what we had for dinner… Pizzas.

The next morning, we left the place at around 8:30am. Had our usual snappy Starbucks coffee with breakfast from Arby’s and head off to Oklahoma City for a gig at The Conservatory. Another long ass drive! What was supposed to be a 10 hours drive became 12 hours due to some complications on the highway in Amarillo, Texas. For the 1st time in our lives, we experienced real flood!!! The flood was so bad that some cars were covered in water. That totally sucks big time, man! We were damn lucky not to get stuck in the flood coz all the Wormrot boys can’t swim, for goodness sake!! Traffic was slow coz they had to block some parts of the road. And so we arrived late while the 1st band was playing. No bullshit, just load in and fucking play! Another small turnout for us considering the size of the place. LOL… But it was a fun gig. Sound system was good and the crowd was crazy, too. There was no place for us to sleep that night. so Mike h ad to drive to a hotel so that we can all have our beauty sleep. Oh yeah, the promoter did get us some food though. Pizzas.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sep 29 - Richmond, Virginia - The Triple
Sep 30 - Silver Spring, Maryland - Corpse Fortress
Oct 01 - Wilmington, Delaware - Mojo 13
Oct 02 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - The Hardbean Cafe
Oct 03 - Brooklyn, New York - Archeron
Oct 04 - Hartford, Connecticut - The Whitney House
Oct 05 - Philadelphia, PA - JR's Bar

The Brooklyn show is all ages and includes local bands Mutant Supremacy, Defeatist, Psychic Limb, and Curandera. The Acheron is located at 57 Waterbury Street in Bushwick.