Thursday, November 30, 2006

Twisted Sister Oh Come All Ye Faithful Video Online

Twisted Sister has posted an animated and live video online for their cover of Oh Come All Ye Faithful (set to the tune We're Not Gonna Take It). These videos have to be some of the funniest that I have seen in a while. This disc looks like a great collection of Xmas remakes and it includes one new song Heavy Metal Christmas. This is supposed to be the band's final release before calling it quits next year.

The band's Twisted Christmas tour starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are no dates in NYC on the schedule and the closest show is at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville on Dec. 22.

Tour dates are:

1 - The Myth in Minneapolis, MN
2 - Best Buy (in-store) in Maplewood, MN
5 - Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
7 - House Of Blues in Chicago, IL
9 - Pepsi Roadhouse in Burgettstown, PA
12 - House Of Blues in Los Angeles, CA
14 - House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA
17 - Hard Rock in Orlando, FL
21 - Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD
22 - Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ
23 - The House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ

David Gilmour to Release Syd Barrett Tribute EP

Syd Barrett Tribute EP I realize this has little to do with the NYC music scene but Syd Barrett's music was very important to a lot of musicians.

Daivd Gilmour is releasing a three song tribute to Syd as a digital download on Christmas Day. These songs will also be available as a limited 10" EP (in the USA) and a limited 7" (in Europe) as of Dec. 26th. (Don't sleep on this as the vinyl will likely sell out quickly). Songs on the EP are two versions of Arnold Layne -- one version sung by David Bowie and the other sung by Richard Wright -- and an acoustic version of Dark Globe.

David Gilmour announced on his website that the EP has been released today to BBC radio.

You can hear the very first play of the Arnold Layne single this morning on the Ken Bruce show (BBC Radio 2) between 9.30AM and 12 noon (UK time).You can listen live online or later via the BBC's 'Listen Again' feature. Look out for the great big purple buttons on the Radio 2 site.Do let us know what you think of it and, if you liked it, let your radio stations know that you want them to play it.The single has been added to Radio 2's B list. This means that you can expect to hear it about ten times during the course of the week. The more requests it receives, however, the more chance the single has of making it on to the A list, which means it will be played more often. Tracks on the A list receive the most plays (about 20 a week) compared to the B list's ten and the C list's five.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thee Majesty Live @ Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006

Thee Majesty - Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006Thee Majesty headlined the show at Northsix on Friday night. It has been almost two years since the band's last show and it is always good to see Genesis P-Orridge, Lady Jaye and Bryin on stage together. For those who aren't familiar, Thee Majesty is Genesis' spoken word project. Thee Majesty is quite an intense experience if you are open to the experience. If you aren't, you probably should stay home as Genesis stopped the show twice to inquire what one person was shouting about at the bar. (I was close enough to hear that he was shouting about California punk bands like The Adolescents. What this had to do with the bands playing that night, I have no clue)

The last few times that I have seen Thee Majesty, Genesis used a lyric book and I was able to pick up one of the pages from the book after the show.

Thee Majesty - Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006Thee Majesty - Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006Thee Majesty - Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006Thee Majesty - Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Int'l Shades Live @ Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006

Int'l Shades (or IS as they are sometimes called) took the stage after The Star Spangles. The band has been around since 2002 but they play this side of the river way too infrequently often.

For anyone who hasn't seen Int'l Shades, last year Time Out NY said this about the band:

"Int'l Shades is the sort of band NYC needs more of - kind of an odd thing to say about a decidedly untrendy quartet of veterans (including Bob Bert, once of Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore, and Mark C of Live Skull.) But when musicians who've been around the block (and not just clockwise, either) set down rough-edged melodic rock songs, their assured nature rips the white belt off the local scene."

Since the Time Out piece was written, the band has added Alexa Georgevich on keyboards and vocals which gives the band more of a Fall like sound (but the band doesn't succumb to any of Mark E. Smith or Brix's excesses).

IS has one release (CD/LP) out on Cass Records. I haven't heard this release but if it is anything like the band's current and past live shows, it is worth picking up. Mark C. (from Live Skull) - Northsix, Brooklyn

Alexa GeorgevichAlexa Georgevich, Bob Bert and violin player - Northsix, BrooklynBob Bert - Northsix, Brooklyn

Star Spangles Live @ Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006

Star Spangles @ Northsix, Brooklyn 11/24/06It was Summer 2003 when the Star Spangles held their release party at CBGB for Bazooka, their first release on Columbia Records. At that time, critics either loved or hated the band (there was no middle ground) and it looked like the band was going to break big. For whatever reason, the band severed their ties with Capital, the long awaiting follow up to Bazooka was never released and the band faded from the scene.

The band has now regrouped with a new rhythm section (Nick and Joey are gone -- new members are Chris and Todd) and opened for Genesis P-Orridge's Thee Majesty at Northsix on Saturday night. The band is in great form and it is good to see them back in action. According to the band's MySpace page, the long delayed second record is "comin soon".

I was at the front of the stage when the band finished its set and picked up a copy of the setlist. The last song of the set, "I Don't Want to be Crazy Anymore", is the perfect power-pop song that ranks up there with anything by Cheap Track or The Plimsouls.

Star Spangles set list from show @ Northsix, Brooklyn 11/24/06
Star Spangles Set List from 11/24/06
Star Spangles @ Northsix, Brooklyn 11/24/06Tommy Volume @ Northsix

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Eagles of Death Metal Booted Off Guns N Roses Tour

Guns N Roses - Cleveland, OH 11/24/06Picture from The Cleveland Leader

I caught one of the Guns N' Roses - Hammerstein Ballroom warmup shows earlier this year and thought the band was pretty good (not great). It is hard to take the band too seriously with Axl being the only original member and Chinese Democracy now being about 10 years behind schedule. (Can anyone say Boston - Third Stage?) Guns N' Roses still put on a pretty good rock show but they are nowhere near the caliber they were when they headlined stadiums in the early 90's.

I was quite amused to read that Axl is kicking the Eagles of Death Metal off the tour after just one show as the GnR audience didn't respond well to the band. Blabbermouth reports that Axl reportedly said something to the effect of, "So how'd you like THE PIGEONS OF SHIT METAL? Don't worry, that's the last show they're playing with us."

Let's compare...Josh Homme has been consistently building his chops by recording and touring with both the Eagles and Queens of the Stoneage. Sebastian Bach hasn't done much of anything (outside of the Rocky Horror Pipcture Show) since being kicked out of Skid Row and The Last Hard Men has to be one to the worst CDs that I have heard in the last few years. The Suicide Girls are just strippers who strip to punk tunes.

So...what is the lesson here? On a tour where punk strippers are one of the "opening acts" and are scheduled to go on right before the headliner, any opening band has to question whether the audience will be receptive anything they can't drunkenly sing along to.

OpEd: I saw the Eagles of Death Metal headline CBGB just about two years ago and the crowd couldn't get enough of the band. Hopefully the Eagles will find better acts to tour with.

Interview with Bad Flirt's Jasamine White-Gluz

This past week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jasamine from Bad Flirt and she graciously allowed me to record our conversation as a podcast. View RSS XML Bad Flirt - Head On
For those non-iPod folks (like me), here is a direct link to the mp3 file.

The band had to cancel their show at Club Midway last weekend as the other dates on their mini-tour fell through at the last moment but hopefully the band will be back in New York soon.

When we spoke, Jasamine mentioned that the band is finishing pre-production on their first full length CD. I didn't think to ask her about producers but was reading online that the band is working with producer Ted Nicely. Nicely has done great work with bands such as Jawbox, Girls vs. Boys, and Ruth Ruth so the new Bad Flirt release should be a lot of fun and something to look forward to next year.

Lastly, I have two copies of Bad Flirt's current CD EP Head On to give away. Drop me an email at Mike.BrooklynRocks@Gmail.Com with the subject "Bad Flirt" if you are interested. I'll select winners at random on Thursday night.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Growing @ Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn Nov. 11, 2006

The Growing were the final act to play last Sunday night. Every time I see the band, I am impressed with their live show and last week did not disappoint. There were also some humerous moments at the show. The first was that all of the band's electronics blew the power and it took a number of minutes to reset the circuit. The second was that after the band finished their set, they seemed completely shocked when the crowd started chanting for an encore (which the band played).

As it doesn't look like The Growing are currently touring, I would recommend checking out some of their studio releases. The band's first release on Kranky The Sky's Run Into the Sea along with His Return on Troubleman/Megablade are great starting points.

CHORD @ Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn Nov. 11, 2006

Chicago drone collective CHORD followed The Austerity Program and played one long instumental/drone piece. I don't know much about this band other than I think that is Trevor de Brauw from Pelican seated in the chair. There doesn't appear to be much information about the band online and the band's website is pretty sparse. Regardless, the band sounded great and I would make a point of seeing them next time they come through New York.

CHORD @ Water Street Lounge, BrooklynCHORD @ Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn

CHORD @ Water Street Lounge, BrooklynCHORD @ Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn

The Austerity Program @ Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn Nov. 11, 2006

Punk duo The Austerity Program opened the Red Cross Benefit show last Sunday night with a thirty minute set. While the band has been around for a number of years, Sunday night was the first time I had seen them live and I really enjoyed their set. Their sound is very basic and minimal -- just guitar, bass and a pounding drum machine. There were vocals on about half the songs.

The Austerity Program @ Water Street Lounge The Austerity Program released a CD EP in 2003 on Hydra Head and is currently finalizing their next CD, which is also to be released on Hydra Head.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Martin Carr @ Sound Fix Records, Brooklyn, Nov. 11, 2006

Martin Carr - Sound Fix, Brooklyn Boo Radleys' guitarist/songwritter Martin Carr returned to New York after a 9 year absence to play Jack Rabid's Big Takeover Party at Sound Fix Records. Carr is still writing great songs and this show kicked off a short US tour. Most of Carr's 30+ minute set focused on his solo material but he did play the Boo Radley classic Lazarus.

Martin Carr - Sound Fix, BrooklynCarr disbanded his band bravecaptain of the last few years in October and is now touring under his given name. The sixth and final bravecaptain CD, distractions, available as a free download on the bravecaptain site. Click on the CD cover below and that will bring you to the distractions download page.

Martin Carr/bravecaptain - distractions

Bad Brains Live at CBGB 1982 DVD Review

Bad Brains Live at CBGB 1982 Bad Brains were one of the most influential punk bands on the scene in the early 80's and this DVD captures the band at its prime. It is compiled from a three night stand in December of 1982 at CBGB and features a number of songs from the then soon to be released Rock For Light LP.

The three shows are filmed in a semi-pro style with two cameras so this DVD really captures the feeling of what is was like at a Bad Brains show in the early days. My only complaint is that predominately only one camera angle is used during the final show so there seem to be equal number shots of the crowd (and the mosh pit) as there are of the band. There is some really great footage of HR, Earl and Dr. Know across all three shows. What is a little strange is that Daryl Jenifer is rarely, if ever, seen.

All complaints are minor as the band is on fire during these shows and lives up to their legend. It is somewhat amazing to watch the crowd sway in place as the band switches from hardcore to dub/reggae. The power, energy and aggression of the band make this DVD required watching. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.

I was at the first of the Bad Brains reunion shows at CBGB last month and the biggest difference between the 1982 and the 2006 version of the band is HR. On this DVD, HR rules the stage and covers all corners of it. On both Riot Squad and Coptic Times, HR is all over the stage dancing and singing with the crowd. At the show last month, HR barely moved and it seems that he is in a "different place" now. In an interview last year, Daryl Jenifer said "It's hard for us to do shows...That's mainly on H.R., with his mental and emotional state. He's my man. He's a weird dude and I love it -- there's freedom right there. I've really come to that conclusion, that the dude is the [most free] person you'll ever meet."

Below is a YouTube clip of Pay to Cum , which was the encore from the first night of the reunion last month.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Valeze Headline @ Knitting Factory On Nov. 21st

Tiffany Randol & ValezeBrooklyn glam-punk stars Valeze are headlining the main stage at the Knitting Factory on November 21st. Valeze is releasing their second CD on December 5th and will be showcasing tunes from this release at their show at the Knit.

Valeze's new CD is streaming on the band's MySpace page and they have released a couple advance tracks for downloading (links are below). My favorite of these is Go, Go, Go! which combines Clash-style riffs with Dale Bozio vocals.

Go, Go, Go!
Search and Destroy
High and Dry

Valeze have been getting a lot of good press for their live shows (see BrooklynVegan and Jenyk) so this looks like a show not to miss.

Tickets are $10 and Valeze is scheduled to hit the stage at 11PM.

Unsound @ The Lucky Cat, Sat., Nov. 25th

Unsound @ The Lucky Cat, November 25, 2006 Unsound hosts its final event for the year at The Lucky Cat in Brooklyn on Saturday, November 25th.

Bands playing are:

MUSTARD GAS AND ROSES (solo guitar ruminations from Mike Gallagher of Isis)
in a special joint session with DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS (the soundtrack to a suicide)

Also appearing:
MARCH BURCH member of Schloss Tegal
MUTUS LIBER drone electronics from upstate new york
RICARDO SHEETS member of DisassociateAudio

interludes by HEATHEN PANZER

Doors @ 10PM and Tickets are $5.00. Come early and join in on a vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bathtub Shitters & Navicon Torture Technologies Play NorthSix On Nov. 22

Japanese grind-core Bathtub Shitters are playing Northsix on Wed., Nov 22nd. along with ID, Navicon Torture Technologies, Defeatist and Negativehate.

Bathtub Shitters are one of those bands that has to be seen to be believed. As you would guess (or maybe not), most of their songs focus on an obsession about sh*t, toilets along with anything and everything else related to these items. The band's music has a good high-voltage energy and Masato Henmarer Morimoto can rival Butthole Surfers' Gibby Hayes for "the most demented vocalist" award.

It looks like a fun show and tickets are only $8.00.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad Flirt Returns to New York for Show at Midway on Nov. 18th

Bad Flirt - Head OnI have always had a weakness for good, well-played power pop and Bad Flirt is able to draw upon the best parts of this genre. The band is returning to the area for one last show this year before entering the the studio with Arcade Fire’s Howard Bilerman.

Bad Flirt has had a busy 2006. Besides having released a 7” and the Head On Maxi-Single, the band has embarked on multiple national tours.

Accoring to the band's publicist, the new record is an ode to a certain childhood sitcom, and will be featuring various celebrity guest vocalists. Bad Flirt will be offering a glimpse into these new recordings when they work this new material into their set at Club Midway.

CLUB MIDWAY 25 Avenue B, New York, NY
(Between 2nd and 3rd st.)



Monday, November 06, 2006

Unsound Presents a Night of Drone/Doom Metal @ Lucky Cat, Brooklyn Nov. 15, 2006

Unsound presents a night of Drone/ Doom Metal @ The Lucky Cat next Wednesday, Nov. 15th. Bands are:

TROUM transcendental guitar drone [drone/desolation house]
NADJA (Aidan Baker) monolithic electronic dirge/doom metal [conspiracy/alien8]
BLACK CENTIPEDE exercises in futile sound [annihilvs]

With Special Guest DJ: JAMES PLOTKIN


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tokyo Dragons - Escapi Music Showcase, Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006

Tokyo Dragons headlined Escapi Music's CMJ showcase and I believe this was their first US show. The Dragons are a great live act and I can see why their live shows are getting great reviews in Europe and the band is invited to play some of the major festivals. The band is currently in the US to record their followup to their debut CD "Give Me the Fear" and hopefully a full US tour will follow.

Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Mal Bruk/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
Mal Bruk/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
 Posted by Picasa

Steve Lomax/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
Steve Lomax/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Mathias Stady/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
Mathias Stady/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
 Posted by Picasa

Phil Martini/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
Phil Martini/Tokyo Dragons - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006
 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dirty Rig @ Escapi Music Showcase, Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006

Dirty Rig was the second act to play the Escapi Music showcase. Dirty Rig are rapidly becoming one of my favorite bands to see live and they did not disappoint last Wednesday night. They started with a sloppy (drunken?) version of "Drunk Again" but settled down after this for a great set.

Korey Clarke/Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006
Korey Clarke/Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Buckshot/Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006
Buckshot/Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Chas/Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006
Chas/Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC, Nov. 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa

Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006
Dirty Rig - Snitch, NYC Nov. 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa

I have some additional pictures of Dirty Rig along with the other bands (Mahavatar & Tokyo Dragons) that played on Wednesday which I will post to Flickr in the next day or two.