Monday, January 19, 2015

Motor Sister (Scott Ian + Mother Superior's Jim Wilson) Plays St. Vitus on Feb. 12th / Debut CD Out March 10th on Metal Blade

Motor Sister (Scott Ian + Mother Superior's Jim Wilson) Plays St. Vitus on Feb. 12th / Debut Out March 10th on Metal Blade
Buy tickets now as this show will likely sell out once people realize the band is Scott Ian, Scott's wife - Pearl Aday, Joey Vera, Jim Wilson and John Tempesta (White Zonbie). Tickets are $12 and local alt-rockers Static Summer is opening the show.

The group was originally assembled to jam for Scott Ian’s fiftieth birthday party. Thanks to Scott’s wife Pearl Aday, who has been working on her solo career with Mother Superior front man Jim Wilson for years, all it took was a quick phone call and the stage was literally set for Scott’s dream gig. “I wanted to cherry-pick a set list of my favorite Mother Superior songs and get these guys together and have the concert at my house,” Ian says of the event that eventually led to an album.

Enthralled at the idea of making a record of his favorite Mother Superior songs, Ian emailed producer Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther) and asked if he thought it was possible to recapture the same spontaneous energy Motor Sister generated at their makeshift gig, and if an album could be recorded quickly. “He said, ‘Yeah, we can make the record in two days and we can make it sound really good.’ So that’s what we did,” Ian says. “A week and a half later, we made the record in LA over a two day period. We recorded the whole thing live in the studio and the set-up was at my house.

[Mother Superior] frontman Jim [Wilson] was totally into the idea. Pearl was a huge Mother Superior fan from way back and was in. I asked my good friends Joey Vera (Fates Warning/Armored Saint) and John Tempesta (White Zombie, The Cult) to be a part of it because I knew they were both big fans as well and with no hesitation they said, ‘We’re in.’

Wilson, too, was stoked by the opportunity to dust off some songs he hadn’t played since his LA rock trio broke up in the early 2000′s after releasing eight albums and playing as Henry Rollins’ backing band. “I definitely didn’t need any arm-twisting,” he says. “I was totally flattered and thought it was a great idea. I figured it would be fun and it was a great opportunity for a new chapter to be established in order to move forward.

Motor Sister

Monday, January 12, 2015

Feral Conservatives (indie pop) Play Cake Shop on Feb. 9th / 'The Feeling Noise Becomes' out Feb. 10th (@EggHuntRecords)

Feral Conservatives (indie pop) Play Cake Shop on Feb. 9th / 'The Feeling Noise Becomes' out Feb. 10th (@EggHuntRecords)
Formed in early 2011, Feral Conservatives self-released a series of little-heard EPs before buying a $15 distortion pedal and touring up and down the East Coast and New England in a station wagon. 2014 saw the duo record a series of singles with Mark Padgett (Mae). Continuing to explore the dichotomy between minimalist folk singer-songwriter craft and 90’s-inspired noise rock, they joined EggHunt Records’ roster for their label debut coming in early 2015: The Feeling Noise Becomes, on digital on and limited edition tape.

Feral Conservatives are playing Cake Shop on Monday, Feb. 9th along with Gender Studies, City Mice and Bitterheart (headliner). Tickets are $7 and doors are at 8PM.

The instruments and the appropriateness unique to Feral Conservatives are sprinkled with sustained lines, rousing naivety, slushie desperation and their intense combination of tender, smoky composition and woody girliness make for a delicious, angsty bravado. Oh and let’s not forget Rashie’s saccharine, almost diabetic “heys!” and that sweet, sweet mandolin. Yum.

The duo’s musical tendencies lean less toward the brutality of Steve Albini’s Shellac or Husker Du, but rather infuse the fuzz of Sonic Youth with sweet vocal melodies and prickly mandolin licks provided by frontwoman Rashie Rosenfarb, which allow this pairing to explore a more accessible side of the genre.

Feral Conservatives

Monday, January 05, 2015

Led Zeppelin 2 Plays Gramercy Theater on Friday, Jan. 9th

"Robert Plant Slams Idea of Zeppelin Tour: 'I'm Not Part of a Jukebox'" - Rolling Stone

Led Zeppelin 2 Plays Gramercy Theater on Friday, Jan. 9th
As it is almost certain that Led Zeppelin won't be coming back, Led Zeppelin 2 may be the next best thing...

LED ZEPPELIN 2: The Live Experience recreates the sights, sounds, and pure rock and roll euphoria of a prime Led Zeppelin concert. Resplendent in satin and denim, LZ2 delivers the intense, raw energy and dynamics of songs such as "Whole Lotta Love", "Stairway to Heaven", "Kashmir", "Dazed and Confused" and many more from the entire catalog of Zeppelin studio, live and bootleg recordings.

"These guys sound f'ing exactly like Led Zeppelin!" - Kirk Hammett of Metallica

In concert, LZ2 delivers authentic renditions of classic Zeppelin material, as well as recreating the live improvisation & onstage dynamics that earned Led Zeppelin their legendary status for performing. LZ2 has performed across the US and draw rave reviews for a "spot-on" Zeppelin show, playing both deep cuts and classic tracks from the entire studio, live and bootleg catalog, and occasionally entire Led Zeppelin studio albums and performances from specific dates. LED ZEPPELIN 2 brings forward the Led Zeppelin experience to a new generation while satisfying diehard Zep fans with a raw, fresh approach.

Led Zeppelin 2 plays Gramercy Theater this Friday, Jan. 9th; Tickets range from $25 (standing/floor) to $35 (seated/loge) and doors are at 7PM.

Led Zeppelin 2