Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Canon Logic @ Arlene's Grocery, NYC 5-30-08

The Canon Logic held the release party for their new CD, The White Balloon, last night at Arlene's Grocery. The room was completely full (sold out??) and the band sounded great. The band's brand of power-pop was infectious and they kept the crowd dancing (...which is rare to see at a NYC show these days). Both the crowd and the band seemed to have a great, hot and sweaty time.

The Canon Logic's next show is at R-Bar on June 28th.

The Canon Logic's MySpace Profile

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mugison @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC 5/15/08

Mugison is definately a force of nature...he and his band played a one-off show two weeks ago at the Hiro Ballroom. You really have to see Mugison to appreciate him. The music ranged from bourbon-soaked Tom Waits style blues to Hank Williams style country ballads.

“Mugiboogie,” his third official solo release, was recorded in his home studio, which offers views out onto silent, ancient fjords. Mugi put everything he had into the project. He worked 16 hours a day, started drinking and smoking again, and didn’t just flirt with a nervous breakdown but got into bed with one and spent quite a bit of time fighting to get back out.
Mugison @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC 5/15/08

I came away from the show thinking that everyone need to experience some Mugison once.

Here is a video from Iceland Airwaves where Mugi plays the song "Jesus Is A Good Name to Moan" (which is from Mugiboogie) and he also explains the background behind the song. I don't think I need to say anymore than this...

There are also a couple tracks from the new release on Mugison's MySpace profile.

Mugison's Website

Keith Caputo Plays Rare NYC Show

Keith Caputo and The Sad Eyed Ladies Schedule First US TourIt is somewhat sad that Keith Caputo rarely plays NYC these days. I remember when Life of Agony seemed to play L'Amour all the time and River Runs Red was always on the radio.

Time moves on for all of us...

Keith is touring behind his latest CD, A Fondness For Hometown Scars, which was released by the Dutch label Suburban Records. Keith has a new solo band, The Sad Eyed Ladies, and he is bringing the band through the area in August on their first US tour. Keith and the Ladies are playing the Mercury Lounge on August 23rd.

There are audio samples from the new release on Keith's MySpace profile and you can buy the new CD from Keith's webshop for $15.00.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday Night All Stars Announce June Residency at Piano's

Thursday Night All Stars Play June Residency at Piano'sMove over Weird Al...the Thursday Night All Stars are playing a 4-week Saturday night residency at Piano's next month. Here is how the band describes themselves on their MySpace page:

"TNA is a middle-eastern jam band that uses aural satire in promoting the voice of the great Ayatollah Fancy who is spreading his new mysticism based on the qualities of Spiritual Sonic-Selfishness(tm). TNA combine rock, humor, politics, and jello shots to proselytize the selfish values of the great Ayatollah Fancy while he continues to recover from being headbutted by a yack."
The first cut on the band's MySpace player, "Mahmoud", rhymes Mahmoud with 'bad dude'. Some of the other cuts in the player are 'Jihad Jam' and 'I Hate Homework'.

Good or bad...these shows definately looks like they will be an experience.

The band is playing the following Saturday's: June 7, 14, 21, and 28 and they are supposed to take the stage at midnight each night.

Thursday Night All Stars' MySpace Profile
Thursday Night All Stars' Website

Apes & Androids Are Playing Bowery Ballroom + Blood Moon CD Review

Apes & Androids - Blood Moon CD ReviewApes & Androids are getting so much media buzz these days, I am surprised that there are still tickets available to the band's show next week at Bowery Ballroom. The show is Friday, May 30th and A&A are playing with Free Blood and The Forms. Tickets are only $13.00.

I've heard about Apes & Androids' over-the-top live shows shows for the past year or so but I never took the time to see the band play live so the band's debut CD, "Blood Moon", took me by surprise. (Given the number of CDs that I listen to in a given week, this really says something for the band). There are a number of reviews around the internet that compare the band to Queen but I honestly think the better point of comparison is George Clinton and P-Funk. George Clinton, with the full band, is the only act that I have seen hit the same oversexed electronic funked-up groove that Apes & Androids are playing in. This is wild stuff and I am looking forward to catching these guys live.

One of the standout tracks on the disc is "We Don't Understand You". Joly (from filmed the band's show at Studio B last year and posted a live version of this track to YouTube.

The band embraces such a wide variety of styles, I thought that I was listening to a different band as the CD first played through. Toward the middle of the disc, the band embraces more of a 80's West Coast punk/new-wave sound (a la Oingo Boingo). Check out Nights of the Week (which is a free download). "Johnny & Sarah" is another standout from this 'segment' of the disc.

The last third of the disc completely threw me as the band embraces a Coldplay/Radiohead sound. I'm not big on this style of music but "Doyle Is Dead" is a pretty cool song.

"Blood Moon" is truly a unique, stand-out disc and Apes & Androids have set the bar pretty high for a follow-up.

Apes & Androids' MySpace profile
Apes & Androids' Website

Friday, May 23, 2008

The B-52s Play Live on The Today Show on Memorial Day

The B-52s on the Today Show is a great way to kick off the Memorial Day festivities.

The B-52s Play Live on The Today Show on Memorial DayThe band will be playing sometime between 7AM and 11AM on Monday. According to The B-52s MySpace page (link below), you can send an email to for a chance for you and a guest to win a VIP spot in front of the stage.

The band is also playing two shows in the area as part of the True Colors Tour:
June 01 Wantagh, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
June 03 New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall

The B-52's MySpace Profile
The B-52's Website

Coffins - Burried Death CD Review

Coffina - Buried Alive CD ReviewI've never really taken a firm position on music downloading until tonight. I was searching for some background info on Coffins to add to this review and a good number of torrent sites came up in the top slots on Google. C'mon kids...the CD isn't officially released for another month and it is already all over the internet???? It is highly unlikely that Coffins makes much money and this sort of bulls*t will limit both the band's releases and their ability to tour in the future.

Anyway...on with the review. Coffins sound has devolved and slowed waaaay down over the years. On the band's third release, Buried Death, the music is akin to a death metal version of The Melvins crossed with Kyuss. There are low-end bass and drums throughout the disc over which guitarist/vocalist Uchino growls in a cookie monster voice and locks in some stoner guitar riffs and psychedelic leads. While the band's style remains consistent across the disc, there is enough musical diversity between the tracks that the band doesn't wear out their welcome.

In addition to the music, the packaging is pretty cool on this release as Coffins appears to be one of the few bands that remembers the thrill of buying a gatefold LP for the cover art, inserts, etc. Buried Dead has some pretty killer cover art by Chris Moyen depicting zombies in the graveyard and the CD comes in an LP-like inner-sleeve. The band obviously took a lot of care in putting this release together.

Buried Death will be released on June 24th on 20 Buck Spin which is distributed through Southern Lord. Decibel magazine cited Buried Dead as one of the 25 most anticipated LPs of 2008. The title track, "Buried Death", is included on Southern Lord sampler that will given out free on Boris' North American tour.

Coffins is playing the Maryland Death Fest this weekend and made their US debut last week, which included shows at ABC No Rio and Rockstar Bar. There are some pictures of Coffin's show at ABC No Rio posted to Flickr.

Coffins' MySpace Profile
Coffins' Website

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Backwords @ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY 5/1/08

There was a small but attentive crowd at Southpaw when Backwords took the stage. Backwords plays with a low-key, mellow energy that reminds me of the Dead's Americana period or Neil Young alt-country songs. The talent of the musicians in the band was obvious and I really enjoyed watching the musical interplay between the members. For being a new band, Backwords already has a full-set of original material so it will be interesting to watch what's next for the band.

Backwords' next local show is at Coco 66 (66 Greenpoint Ave) on June 6th.

Backwords Website
Backwords MySpace Profile

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

James Apollo is Playing Union Pool Tomorrow Night (May 21st)

James Apollo Plays Union Pool on May 21stJames Apollo has been in Brooklyn these last few years but he is playing his last show in town before moving to Seattle. James' music falls somewhere between the alt-folk and Americana genres and he is a classical storyteller (in the mold of Dylan). James put out the fabulous Hide Your Heart in a Hive CD last year and there are two tracks from this release streaming on his MySpace page (link below).

If you want to check out what James sounds live in advance of the show, he recently made a live appearance on Fox in Minneapolis playing "I've Got It Easy" (from his most recent release).

James Apollo's MySpace Profile
James Apollo's Website

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ponytail Release Free Download of New Single From Forthcoming CD

Ponytail Release Free Download of New Single, Come Celebrate the Body ElectricBaltimore's Ponytail just released their new single, Come Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From An Angel), as a free download. This track is off the band's forthcoming album, Ice Cream Spiritual, which will be released June 17th on the We Are Free label. This is some pretty crazy stuff and well worth checking out.

Ponytail is in town for a show at the Knitting Factory on May 31st with Thank You and Wzt Hearts. Tickets are $8.00 in advance.

Ponytail's Website
Ponytail's MySpace profile

Thee Majesty (Genesis P-Orridge + Bryin Dall) Return for First Show in Two Years

Thee Majesty are playing their first show since the passing of Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge on May 22nd @ The New York Society for Ethical Culture. This is located at 2 W 64th Street, five blocks north of Columbus Circle.

Thee Majesty rarely plays live and the band's last show was in November of 2006 at Northsix. (The band's previous show was two years prior at Tonic).

Thee Majesty's MySpace profile

Thee Majesty Live @ Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bugs in the Dark Release First Video, "Gasoline", from forthcoming CD

Brooklyn's Bugs in the Dark just released the first video from their forthcoming CD "Grand Avenue". This is a great video and I have been really getting into the tracks that I have heard from this upcoming release. Check out Bug's MySpace page (link below) to hear Ave. M.

Bugs in the Dark's CD release show is at Fontana's on May 31st and tickets are $7.00.

Bugs in the Dark's MySpace profile

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I - IV CD Review

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts CD ReviewI have been wrestling with the philosophical question: Does free = good? Would this release get this much media buzz if it were released by either Pelican or Echoes & Shadows. (If anyone is wondering the context, Ghosts is all instrumental and both of the aforementioned bands are great instrumental bands).

Nine Inch Nails released Ghosts I-IV (part I) as a free download on the NIN site. Part 1 includes the first 9 of the 36 track double-CD. The entire album is available as a $5 download, a $10 double CD, a $75 "deluxe" package with CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray copies, and a $300 "ultra-deluxe" edition (which is already sold out).

The whole distribution concept is fascinating as this release generated $1.6M in its first week of release. I'm a big NiN fan and recognize and appreciate Trent Reznor's talent but this is a good, not essential, release. Long-time fans will likely buy this regardless but the curious are better off sticking with the free download. The 36 tracks aren't distinctive enough on their own so that anyone curious won't miss much after listening to the first nine cuts.

For anyone who hasn't heard this disc - it sounds nothing like past NiN work. Anyone expecting "Head Like A Hole" will be severely disappointed. This is a double disc of instrumental work with some middle-eastern flavoring (ala Eno/Byrne "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts"). The problem is that Reznor never challenges the listener in the same manner as Eno and Byrne. There are many tracks where the music just drifts away in the background. Adrian Belew plays some tasty guitar on a few tracks but that isn't enough to save this disc from being much more than background listening.

I'm not planning on parting with this disc but I don't think it will get much future play. With the tracks not being that distinctive, this is the sort of disc that you either listen to start-to-finish or not at all.

To drift back into my day-job...I am fascinated by the online community that has sprung up around this release. NiN created a YouTube channel around this release and there are currently 6,752 members and 1,019 videos.

"To expand the idea of the "Ghosts" project, Nine Inch Nails is inviting anyone and everyone to create visuals to accompany the album's music. In a few months, we'll be gathering the entries we feel are particularly exceptional and highlighting them. There are no rules to this - be as creative as you like. Create a music video, or a short film, or something completely abstract. Use only one track from the album, or use multiple tracks."

Nine Inch Nails' Website

Bugs in the Dark Announce CD Release Party at Fontana's on May 31st

Bugs In The Dark Play CD Release Show at Fontana's on May 31stNow that we are almost midway through the year - it is time for my 2008 predictions. Bugs in the Dark is one of the bands that I am expecting to break big this year.

The band recently completed their first full length CD, "Grand Avenue", and they are throwing a CD release party at Fontana's on May 31st. The band released an fabulous EP last year so I have high expectations for their full-length. There are two tracks ("Ave M" and "Gasoline") from the forthcoming release streaming on Bug in the Dark's MySpace page. Based on these two tracks, the band's sound has gotten fuller and these tracks are kin to the raw sounds of early Sonic Youth.

"Cancel everything and go see their next show." - Indie Sounds NY, Pete Harris

Fontana's is located at 105 Eldridge St. (between Grand and Broome) and cover is $7.00.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Warrior Soul (Kory Clarke) Play Ace of Clubs on May 31st

Warrior Soul Play Ace of Clubs on May 31stWho would have thought Kory Clarke would resurrect Warrior Soul? Kory put a new lineup together last year and the band has been getting great reviews for their shows in Europe. Finally, Kory is bringing the band to the US for their first NYC show since the one-off 'reunion' show at The Continental in 2004.

The Stoned are also on the bill and Kory is both the band's drummer and producer. With Kory having recently replaced Eric Wagner in Trouble, it is amazing that this guy can find the time to be in three bands.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door.

Warrior Soul's Website
Warrior Soul's MySpace Profile

Interview with ism (ismmusic) Founder Andre Mistier

ism: Interview with Andre MistierLast Thursday, I caught up with ism's Andre Mistier and talked with him about the band's upcoming sophomore release Urgency and what the band's plans are for 2008. Here is a direct link to the interview with Andre and here is a link to the podcast feed View RSS XML.

Urgency comes out in August and the first single, Sacred Cows, is included in the above podcast. There are a couple additional tracks from Urgency streaming on ism's MySpace page.

ism's next show is the WEQX-FM Riverfest in Albany, NY on June 14th.

ism's Website

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tristan Prettyman Releases Behind the Scenes Footage from "Madly" Video Shoot

Tristan Prettyman - Behind The Scenes on "Madly"

Here is the original music video:

Tristan Prettyman's Website
Tristan Prettyman's MySpace Profile

Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire CD Review / Show at Trash Bar on May 15th

Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire CD ReviewThis is an impressive disc...Dead Leaf Echo's second CD perfectly captures the spirit of the 80's-era Beggars Banquet/4AD bands. The band's sound is part atmospheric wall-of-sound, part goth/new romantic and part shoegazer. The amalgamation of all these styles makes for an interesting disc that warrants repeated play.

Singer/guitarist LG has a world-weary voice, which he complements with a guitar sound that ranges from a jangle (without embracing a 'pop' sound) to a wash of sound. Liza B. plays on integral role with tasteful keys and backing vocals and there is some pretty crisp drumming throughout the disc. In a recent interview with Gearwire , LG says the band’s influences include 4AD, Creation and Factory—delay heavy guitars with lush ethereal vocals.

The disc starts out with the gothic/ambient tracks "Warm Body" and "Thought Talk". Here is the video for "Warm Body" and the black and white 35MM film really captures the essence of the band's sound.

From here, the band shifts into some up-tempo tracks, "Tears" and "Cry The Sea". This is the closest that the band comes to 'rockers' and a good point of comparison may be My Bloody Valentine. The disc ends with two epic wall-of-sound tracks, "Pale Fire" and "Reflex Motion", that showcase the band's intricate and layered sound.

A limited edition second pressing of Pale Fire is available through the band's MySpace profile (link below).

Dead Leaf Echo play the Trash Bar in Brooklyn tomorrow night (May 15th) and Rehab on August 15th.

Dead Leaf Echo's MySpace Profile
Dead Leaf Echo's Website

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lou Reed Interviews Roderick Romero of Sky Cries Mary

Last year, Sky Cries Mary regrouped and recorded their first new studio album, "Small Town", in a decade. Lou Reed is a fan of the band and he spent some time with vocalist Roderick Romero talking about the new CD and music in general.

For anyone not familiar with Sky Cries Mary, the band has been around 20 years and plays trance/ambient rock in a style similar to Spacemen 3 or My Bloody Valentine. There are three tracks from "Small Town" streaming on the band's MySpace profile (link below).

Sky Cries Mary's Website
Sky Cries Mary's MySpace Profile

Friday, May 09, 2008

Amplify Is Playing The Charleston in Brooklyn Tonight

Amplify is playing The Charleston (in Williamsburg) tonight and they are going on at 10PM. The band has been playing out a bit more with the release of their debut CD, "Beneath the Beauty Lies Heaven to Burn", which is a great melodic hard-rock disc. The Charleston is located at 174 Bedford Ave (which is between 7th and 8th Street.

For anyone not familiar with Amplify, here is a live video of the band performing "House" from their appearance on

Pictures from Amplify's March '08 show at The Cutting Room
Amplify's MySpace Profile

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pennywise - Reason to Believe CD Review

Pennywise - Reason to Believe CD ReviewBefore getting into the music, I think it important to note that Pennywise broke ground with the distribution of their ninth album, Reason to Believe. The band made the album available as a free DRM-free, 320kbps MP3 download via MySpace. As far as I know, Pennywise is the first major act to make an album available to the general public as a high-quality download. (Before anyone mentions Radiohead, their ‘pay what you will’ download was very low quality). I read some complaints that Pennywise partnered with Textango and MySpace on the distribution. The reality is…why does it matter how the band distributed the music?

I should context this review by stating that I haven’t kept up with Pennywise’s career over the years so I can’t compare this release to any of their immediate prior. The last time I saw the band play live was 1994 when they opened for The Meatmen while touring behind “Unknown Road”. This new release, Reason to Believe, certainly seems comparable to “Unknown Road”.

While the music on this disc doesn’t stray far from Pennywise’s established 90’s SoCal skate punk sound, this is an enjoyable release. There are some ‘brushes’ with metal/hardcore but the band sticks with their formula of power-punk guitar crossed with breakneck drumming across most of the disc. Singer Jim Lindberg’s voice is mixed on top of the instruments and there are more call and response sing-a-longs, vocal harmonies and “whoas” than you would find in a Misfits tribute band. Lyrically, the band is just as pissed off as ever. Songs like “Western World” where the lyrics are “We are the dregs of the Western World, the steroid boys and video girls. We are the viral internet stars and the anchor man can’t stop crying. We are the dead with the dreaded disease, the nuclear sons of you and me” are pretty typical of what is on the band’s mind.

When listening to this CD, I kept hearing elements of mid-90’s Bad Religion. Try listening to this disc without thinking of Bad Religion’s “Recipe for Hate” or “Stranger Than Fiction”. This isn’t a bad thing though - fans of Pennywise or SoCal power-punk sound should enjoy this release.

Pennywise's MySpace Profile
Note: the old site now redirects to the band's MySpace page

KaiserCartel Release First Single from Forthcoming Debut CD "March Forth"

KaiserCartel Releases 'Okay' from Forthcoming Debut CDBrooklyn's KaiserCartel are releasing their debut full-length CD, "March Forth" on June 10th. The disc is coming out on bluhammock music and the band has a CD release party at Joe's Pub that night.

Here is the description of the show from
"Eclectic, infectious music" are the words Benjamin Cartel uses to describe KaiserCartel’s low-tech, song-driven style. "We want people to feel like a fly on the wall in our living room." says Courtney Kaiser. KaiserCartel’s earthy blend of folk-rock and pop will make you laugh, cry, sing along, and want to hold hands with the stranger next to you. Warm up by the fire with KaiserCartel.

I'm a big fan of the tracks streaming on KaiserCartel's website and MySpace profile and the band just released the first single, "Okay", from March Forth. The band's bio describes "Okay" as "[t]he swirling harmonies between Courtney and Benjamin...are a perfect example of the special bond between them as collaborators and as a couple, as they ask of each other, “How are you feeling?”

The Joe's Pub show starts at 7PM. Tickets are $15 and Lucinda Black Bear is opening the show.

Lou Reed Played Highline Ballroom Last Night (May 6th)

Lou Reed Played the Highline Ballroom's 1st Anniversary Party on May 7thLast night, Lou Reed played the one-year anniversary show at Highline Ballroom. After the negative reviews on Reed's show at Highline Ballroom last year (see previous post), I skipped last night's show.

It sounds as though I missed a good show as Reed was described as being in reasonable spirits and good form. Here is the set list (taken from the Highline Ballroom blog) for the show:

01) Mad
02) Sweet Jane
03) I'm Set Free
04) Ectasy
05) I'm Sticking With You
06) Power of the Heart
07) I Wanna Know
08) Halloween Parade
09) Video Violence
10) Guaridian Angel
11) Magic and Loss
12) Pale Blues Eyes
13) Perfect Day
14) Satellite of Love
15) Walk on the Wild Side

This is an infinitely better set list than the prior year's show and it sounds like one of the highlights of the show was a 15 minute version of "Ectasy" with John Zorn.

Lou is off the road until June when he heads over to Ireland for a couple shows.
Lou Reed's Website
Village Voice Review of the Show
Pictures from the show from Highline Ballroom blog

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Biohazard: The Original Lineup Plays L'Amour on Friday, June 20th

Reunited Biohazard Plays L'Amour on June 20thI don't think anyone anticipated the announcement in January that the original lineup of Biohazard was reuniting for a 20th Anniversary tour. Once the announcement was made though, it seemed inevitably that the band would play L'Amour.

Biohazard is playing L'Amour on June 20th and I would expect tickets go quick. Tickets are $35 (forget about tickets at the door) and here is the link to order tickets in advance.

L'Amour's MySpace Profile
Biohazard's Website

Robert Francis Releases First Video, "Little Girl", from his One By One CD

Robert Francis released his debut CD, One By One, late last year (see previously posted CD review of One By One). Robert just released the first video, "Little Girl", from the CD.

This is a pretty wild video. It takes a little bit of getting used to as the video starts off in reverse (with both the storyline and cinematography) and ends in quite the twist of a beginning.

Robert's currently in the studio laying down tracks for his upcoming sophomore release. Given this, there aren't any upcoming shows scheduled but here is link to Robert's interview and live performance on NPR which was recorded in October of last year.

Robert Francis' MySpace profile

Tesco Vee & The Meatmen Return with a Show In Long Island on May 11th

The Meatmen Return - Hate In 08 Tour Plays The Nutty IrishmenAfter a 12 year absence, Tesco Vee has resurrected The Meatmen and is on the road with his Hate in 08 tour. Tesco is an incredible frontman and he is one of the only people that I have seen, outside of Fear's Lee Ving, who can hold a crowd at bay with just his "witty stage banter".

"A decade spent in my basement toy room /satanic shrine/ torture chamber for neighborhood cats/ Pilsner brewing cave/ and High grade ganga farm. On any given nite you'll find me down there guzzling my drink of choice Bombay Saphire, reefin' on Lucky Strike non-filter heaters , whilst watching Seka and Vanessa Del Rio Beta videos, poking pins in the Hank Rollins voodoo doll and drunk driving in my '59 Ford Galaxie 500.(ya there's a test track down there too!)(I'm a multi taskin' mutuhufucka!) I agree the world needs me more now than ever. Your humble servant returns like a prodigal son, bearing a gilded silver platter bearing Ten Fold Hate…I'M BACK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Thought you were done with my saggy ass didn't ya? WRONG ASSFACE! My recent comeback special in Detroit May 26, 2007 sparked an inner desire to return for another go-round. Why you might ask? Hearing the throngs of cheers and jeers from the chrome dome neanderthal lunkhead contingent, lit a fire in my sack to return to the soap box to preach the gospel of musclehead aggro once more!"
-- from

The closest that The Meatmen are coming to the city is The Nutty Irishmen in Bayshore, Long Island. I haven't been to the bar before but, looking at the concert calendar, I have to wonder how The Meatmen got booked. Friday night, a Steely Dan tribute band is booked, Saturday night is an Allman Brothers tribute band and then The Meatmen are playing on Sunday, May 11th.

I haven't seen bookings this eclectic since the 9:30 Club booked Suzanne Vega for an early show and booked The Genitorturers the same night for a late show. I was in the club when an older woman was chasing Vega's child across the empty main floor while Tim Skold and band were setting up.

Tesco Vee's Website
Tesco Vee's MySpace Profile

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Acorn - Soundfix Records, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 5/4/08

The Acorn are in town for a 4 show run (all at different venues though). The second show was earlier this evening at Soundfix Records in Brooklyn. The band played what has to be close to a complete set, with the majority of the material coming from the new CD, Glory Hope Mountain.

The Acorn capture the intricacy and intimacy of Glory Hope Mountain in their live set and all the members of the band are impressive musicians. NY Press said that "[their] intricate polyrhythms and instrumentation absorbed me immediately and completely". If you are going to Monday or Tuesday's show, get to the club early so that you can get close enough to watch the band play.

The Acorn have two more shows in town. They are playing Piano's tomorrow night (May 5th) and Mercury Lounge on May 6th.

The Acorn's Website
The Acorn's MySpace Profile

Kory Clarke Replaces Eric Wagner in Trouble

Kory Clarke Replaces Eric Wagner as Lead Singer for TroubleI have missed a few key shows over the years as I always assume the band will be back through the area within the next 6-12 months. I missed Joe Strummer at St. Anne's and now I am kicking myself for missing Trouble's reunion show at BB King's last year. Trouble seemed back in action so I always figured that they would come back through the area once "Simple Mind Condition" was released in the US.

A year later..."Simple Mind Condition" has yet to come out (allegedly it will come out this month but...we have all heard this before) and singer Eric Wagner just left the band. The new singer for Trouble is Kory Clarke (from Warrior Soul and Dirty Rig). I love Kory Clarke but I am going to have to see him fronting Trouble before I decide what I think of this change. Kory has a great voice but I am just having trouble imagining him singing anything from Trouble's first two CDs. At the same time, I can easily image Kory singing the material from Trouble's Def America period.

The new lineup of Trouble is doing a live webcast on July 11, 2008. You can buy a 'ticket' (for $4.99) at

Trouble's Website