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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mortiis - The Grudge CD Review

Mortiis - The GrudgeThis is great industrial/electronica rock CD. I know this CD shocked many of the Stargate-era Mortiis fans but this is a good CD -- it is just radically different from the Era 1 or Era 2 releases. While Mortiis has unique take on the industrial genre, this CD would be comparable to early Nine Inch Nails or Genitorturers.

There are a lot of good, solid songs on this CD and the use of a female singer on a few tracks likens comparisons to vocal tradeoffs between Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone in the early Christian Death lineup. Production on this CD is atmospheric and full which adds to the strong song writing. Recommended tracks are Decadent & Desperate, Gibber and The Grudge ; all of which are great industrial metal songs. I also really liked Twist the Knife which is a gothic-influenced moody and desperate piece. The final song on the CD, Asthma is an instrumental track that shows that Mortiis has not made a complete break with the past. I am very interested to see where Mortiis goes with Era 3.

For industrial music fans, this is a great CD and well worth owning. For old-time Mortiis fans, this is a radical break with the past. You probably should listen to a track or two before buying.

I was fortunately to see Mortiis and the Genitorturers at CBGB in September. Here is a link to some pictures and a recap of the show.

Mortiis Live @ CBGB, NYCMortiis Live @ CBGB, NYC 9/20/06
Mortiis Live @ CBGB, NYCMortiis Live @ CBGB, NYC 9/20/06