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Thursday, February 08, 2007

All That Remains - The Fall of Ideals CD Review

All That Remains - The Fall of IdealsI originally overlooked this CD when it was released year but it has quickly become one of my favorites. This is great melodic hardcore and singer Phil Labonte has a vocal range that can easily transition from death-metal growls to melodic singing. After touring throughout 2006 behind this CD, it looks as though this release may be the band's breakthrough as they are currently selling out many of the shows on their first headline tour.

There is a lot to recommend this CD and Adam D's (Killswitch Engage) production work highlights the strengths of the band. Phil has grown as a vocalist since This Darkened Heart and newcomer Shannon Lucas' drumming propels the explosive intensity of many of the songs. Guitarists Mike Martin and Oli Herbert have a style that is very reminicent of the duo-lead guitars used by many of the late-70s British bands like Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy. Jeanne Sagan is no slouch either and adds a steady backbeat.

The lyrical themes of the CD deals with the fall of ideals and many song lyrics could almost be considered straight-edge. The themes focus around staying true to one's beliefs and picking yourself up after a relationship horribly dies. It looks like Phil (or whomever wrote these lyrics) was going through some hard times. Musically, the band hasn't lost any of their intensity so the melodic sections of the songs shouldn't fool anyone into thinking the band has gone soft. As compared to This Darkened Heart, there is more melody on this disc but none of the tracks are ballads. On most tracks, the melody is fit within an overarching trash/death-metal blast. The last song on the disc, Indictment, is the hardest track and its themes of anger and betrayal just boil.

Standout tracks are: This Calling, Become the Catalyst and The Air I Breathe. There are videos for This Calling and The Air I Breathe on YouTube.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Phil about a week ago (See previous post for interview) and he wasn't expecting the band to have a new CD until 2008. This looks like one to watch out for.

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