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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Matisyahu - No Place To Be CD Review

Matisyahu - No Place to BeThis release is a seven song CD EP plus a live DVD (approx. 90 minutes) of Matisyahu performing live in Israel. This CD has an interesting mix of songs. There is a cover of The Police's Message in a Bottle, three songs from previous CDs re-recorded with Sly and Robbie and Bill Laswell and three remixes. I really enjoyed the four new songs. The production is strong and it showcases both Matisyahu's voice and the talents of the band. Matisyahu's voice reminds me of both Sting and Bradley Nowell and the band seems to be a spot-on cross between a jam band and the more jazzier side of The Police. I am not quite sure what to make of the remixes though. The are very dance club oriented and take away from the band's strengths (i.e. I think Matisyahu's voice is one of the strong points of the song Youth and it is buried under dance beats in this particular remix.)

The DVD is simply great! Matisyahu and band put on a strong live show in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. The concert is intermixed with interviews with band and these interviews show the human side of the band and make them a bit more interesting as people. There is also an acoustic performance of the band playing Late Night in Zion on the streets of the old city (as passerbys don't quite seem to know what to think).

For new fans, this disc is a great introduction Matisyahu's music. For long-time fans, the DVD alone makes this a worthwhile purchase.