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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Thermals Are Playing a Todd P Show in Brooklyn on March 5th

The ThermalsTodd P has just announced a Brooklyn show with The Thermals on March 5th at Studio B. This looks like a fun show as the band is playing with The Big Sleep (French Kiss Records) and Meneguar (Troubleman Unlimited). Advance tickets are $12.

Here is how Todd P describes the bands:

[ THE THERMALS ]The Thermals' Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster have been playing together for years. First, after meeting in Maine, they formed the acoustic duo Haelah - then, after moving to Portland, Oregon in the late 90's - they went rock with the Urban Legends - then - back to acoustic, simply, as Hutch and Kathy - and then, finally, in 2002, teaming with one-time drummer Jordan Hudson and (briefly) Ben Barnett (of Kind of Like Spitting) to create the Thermals. Ben left quick, and Jordan would later be replaced on the drum stool by Lorin Coleman, and then also, very recently, with new addition Joel Burrows on 2nd guitar. Through whatever incarnation, Hutch and Kathy churn out absolutely heartfelt, totally crunchy, slightly spazzy, rock and roll anthems. Joyful stuff that'll make you want to learn the words and scream along and jump up and down.
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[ THE BIG SLEEP ]"The Big Sleep are a trio that plays driving psych-rock that sounds similar to the forever-underrated Turing Machine, or Trans Am back when they were good. This band is extremely tight on the rhythms, creating walls of stunning guitar sound backed by precise percussion. Their songs definitely get a groove going, and you can almost hear each member's pure delight at how well they can rock it with each other. But their jams never cross that common threshold into ostentatious grandstanding. The Big Sleep know less is more, and 4-5 minutes is all they need to completely hook us and reel us right in." - MYSPACE -->

[ MENEGUAR ]These angry boys jump around and yell and spit out catchy, intricate punk influenced rock songs - conjuring disassembled and disjointed memories of past bands along the lines of as Missions of Burma, Hüsker Dü. One of the best and most unique straight ahead rock bands in New York, for serious. Recent (re)release on Troubleman Unlimited. Shares a member with Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice. Killer riffs beneath intense, goosebump inspiring, on-the-edge of their vocal chords 3-part harmonies.
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The Thermals will be on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly next Friday (Feb. 16th) performing A Pillar of Salt.