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Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Dirty Laundry Aired on MySpace (Harley Flanagan vs John Joseph)

MySpace is getting interesting with the public slams between current and former band members. First, Axl slams Tracii Guns, yesterday Taime Downe went after Brent Muscat and now Bloodclot (John Joseph's new band) broadcast the following message yesterday.

Don't look for a Cro-Mags reunion anytime soon...

The Great Harley Flanagan who has not only Robbed other Bands, but wanted Half of OHC-MMA without putting one DIME into it is a sponge.

He wanted Half of a company for use of his picture and when asked to contribute he screamed, and yelled and threatened but never came through HE IS A USER OF PEOPLE and once he gets what he wants or doesn't he shits all over you, and does posts to harm you

Harley straight up you re-nigged on everything you gave nothing, and used me until it did'nt suit your needs YOU ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL HARDCORE MMA, and YOU ARE THE RIP OFF ARTIST.

You are no Purple Belt, and you can't pummel you fucked up the Cro-Mags , and USE everyone around you. THOSE ARE THE FACTS. If anyone wants to delete us please do so, but know that Harley Flanagan is NOT WHAT EVERYONE THINKS HE IS.
1. You Steal From Sony
2. You Steal From Your Friends
3. You Steal From The State
4. You Stole from Paris
5. You Stole from John
6. YOU ARE NO PURPLE BELT Lets ask Renzo.
7. You drove the Cro-Mags apart

You threaten to hurt people when you don't get your way.... Grow up and stop being bitter...Just move on with your Life.