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Friday, February 09, 2007

Grails - Redlight CD Review

Grails - RedlightNeurot Recordings included a copy of the Grails' 2004 release Redlightwith my last order. I hadn't heard the Grails prior to receiving this CD but was impressed with their sound. I find that it takes a lot for an all-instrumental band to hold my attention but the Grails succeeded.

The CD starts off with a cover of Dargai, a traditional Northumbrian bagpipe song, and this sets the tone for the majority of the disc. The Grails' songs are all mid-tempo and I would compare their sound to Piper-era Pink Floyd or John Cale's solo releases. While tracks like Redlight and Fevers seem to push up to the darkness and intensity that can be found in some of the Velvet Underground or post-Piper Pink Floyd releases, the Grails never cross over the line. Looking at the CD as a whole, it is an enjoyable listen. While the band's sound is consistent across tracks, they aren't boring. The only minor issue is that the songs aren't different enough for any particular tracks to stand out. This isn't a bad thing though -- I simply listen to this disc start-to-finish everytime that I pull it.

Grails are in town with Mono and World's End Girlfriend for a show at the Bowery Ballroom on May 17th.