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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Apes & Androids Are Playing Bowery Ballroom + Blood Moon CD Review

Apes & Androids - Blood Moon CD ReviewApes & Androids are getting so much media buzz these days, I am surprised that there are still tickets available to the band's show next week at Bowery Ballroom. The show is Friday, May 30th and A&A are playing with Free Blood and The Forms. Tickets are only $13.00.

I've heard about Apes & Androids' over-the-top live shows shows for the past year or so but I never took the time to see the band play live so the band's debut CD, "Blood Moon", took me by surprise. (Given the number of CDs that I listen to in a given week, this really says something for the band). There are a number of reviews around the internet that compare the band to Queen but I honestly think the better point of comparison is George Clinton and P-Funk. George Clinton, with the full band, is the only act that I have seen hit the same oversexed electronic funked-up groove that Apes & Androids are playing in. This is wild stuff and I am looking forward to catching these guys live.

One of the standout tracks on the disc is "We Don't Understand You". Joly (from Punkcast.com) filmed the band's show at Studio B last year and posted a live version of this track to YouTube.

The band embraces such a wide variety of styles, I thought that I was listening to a different band as the CD first played through. Toward the middle of the disc, the band embraces more of a 80's West Coast punk/new-wave sound (a la Oingo Boingo). Check out Nights of the Week (which is a free download). "Johnny & Sarah" is another standout from this 'segment' of the disc.

The last third of the disc completely threw me as the band embraces a Coldplay/Radiohead sound. I'm not big on this style of music but "Doyle Is Dead" is a pretty cool song.

"Blood Moon" is truly a unique, stand-out disc and Apes & Androids have set the bar pretty high for a follow-up.

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