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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mugison @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC 5/15/08

Mugison is definately a force of nature...he and his band played a one-off show two weeks ago at the Hiro Ballroom. You really have to see Mugison to appreciate him. The music ranged from bourbon-soaked Tom Waits style blues to Hank Williams style country ballads.

“Mugiboogie,” his third official solo release, was recorded in his home studio, which offers views out onto silent, ancient fjords. Mugi put everything he had into the project. He worked 16 hours a day, started drinking and smoking again, and didn’t just flirt with a nervous breakdown but got into bed with one and spent quite a bit of time fighting to get back out.
Mugison @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC 5/15/08

I came away from the show thinking that everyone need to experience some Mugison once.

Here is a video from Iceland Airwaves where Mugi plays the song "Jesus Is A Good Name to Moan" (which is from Mugiboogie) and he also explains the background behind the song. I don't think I need to say anymore than this...

There are also a couple tracks from the new release on Mugison's MySpace profile.

Mugison's Website