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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kory Clarke Replaces Eric Wagner in Trouble

Kory Clarke Replaces Eric Wagner as Lead Singer for TroubleI have missed a few key shows over the years as I always assume the band will be back through the area within the next 6-12 months. I missed Joe Strummer at St. Anne's and now I am kicking myself for missing Trouble's reunion show at BB King's last year. Trouble seemed back in action so I always figured that they would come back through the area once "Simple Mind Condition" was released in the US.

A year later..."Simple Mind Condition" has yet to come out (allegedly it will come out this month but...we have all heard this before) and singer Eric Wagner just left the band. The new singer for Trouble is Kory Clarke (from Warrior Soul and Dirty Rig). I love Kory Clarke but I am going to have to see him fronting Trouble before I decide what I think of this change. Kory has a great voice but I am just having trouble imagining him singing anything from Trouble's first two CDs. At the same time, I can easily image Kory singing the material from Trouble's Def America period.

The new lineup of Trouble is doing a live webcast on July 11, 2008. You can buy a 'ticket' (for $4.99) at www.deeprockdrive.com.

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