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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tesco Vee & The Meatmen Return with a Show In Long Island on May 11th

The Meatmen Return - Hate In 08 Tour Plays The Nutty IrishmenAfter a 12 year absence, Tesco Vee has resurrected The Meatmen and is on the road with his Hate in 08 tour. Tesco is an incredible frontman and he is one of the only people that I have seen, outside of Fear's Lee Ving, who can hold a crowd at bay with just his "witty stage banter".

"A decade spent in my basement toy room /satanic shrine/ torture chamber for neighborhood cats/ Pilsner brewing cave/ and High grade ganga farm. On any given nite you'll find me down there guzzling my drink of choice Bombay Saphire, reefin' on Lucky Strike non-filter heaters , whilst watching Seka and Vanessa Del Rio Beta videos, poking pins in the Hank Rollins voodoo doll and drunk driving in my '59 Ford Galaxie 500.(ya there's a test track down there too!)(I'm a multi taskin' mutuhufucka!) I agree the world needs me more now than ever. Your humble servant returns like a prodigal son, bearing a gilded silver platter bearing Ten Fold Hate…I'M BACK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Thought you were done with my saggy ass didn't ya? WRONG ASSFACE! My recent comeback special in Detroit May 26, 2007 sparked an inner desire to return for another go-round. Why you might ask? Hearing the throngs of cheers and jeers from the chrome dome neanderthal lunkhead contingent, lit a fire in my sack to return to the soap box to preach the gospel of musclehead aggro once more!"
-- from www.tescovee.com

The closest that The Meatmen are coming to the city is The Nutty Irishmen in Bayshore, Long Island. I haven't been to the bar before but, looking at the concert calendar, I have to wonder how The Meatmen got booked. Friday night, a Steely Dan tribute band is booked, Saturday night is an Allman Brothers tribute band and then The Meatmen are playing on Sunday, May 11th.

I haven't seen bookings this eclectic since the 9:30 Club booked Suzanne Vega for an early show and booked The Genitorturers the same night for a late show. I was in the club when an older woman was chasing Vega's child across the empty main floor while Tim Skold and band were setting up.

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