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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire CD Review / Show at Trash Bar on May 15th

Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire CD ReviewThis is an impressive disc...Dead Leaf Echo's second CD perfectly captures the spirit of the 80's-era Beggars Banquet/4AD bands. The band's sound is part atmospheric wall-of-sound, part goth/new romantic and part shoegazer. The amalgamation of all these styles makes for an interesting disc that warrants repeated play.

Singer/guitarist LG has a world-weary voice, which he complements with a guitar sound that ranges from a jangle (without embracing a 'pop' sound) to a wash of sound. Liza B. plays on integral role with tasteful keys and backing vocals and there is some pretty crisp drumming throughout the disc. In a recent interview with Gearwire , LG says the band’s influences include 4AD, Creation and Factory—delay heavy guitars with lush ethereal vocals.

The disc starts out with the gothic/ambient tracks "Warm Body" and "Thought Talk". Here is the video for "Warm Body" and the black and white 35MM film really captures the essence of the band's sound.

From here, the band shifts into some up-tempo tracks, "Tears" and "Cry The Sea". This is the closest that the band comes to 'rockers' and a good point of comparison may be My Bloody Valentine. The disc ends with two epic wall-of-sound tracks, "Pale Fire" and "Reflex Motion", that showcase the band's intricate and layered sound.

A limited edition second pressing of Pale Fire is available through the band's MySpace profile (link below).

Dead Leaf Echo play the Trash Bar in Brooklyn tomorrow night (May 15th) and Rehab on August 15th.

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