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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brown Shoe - Jackalope CD Review

Brown Shoe - Jackalope CD ReviewBrown Shoe's third release, Jackalope, is tough to pigeon-hole into one particular style or genre. The band's music is moody and atmospheric which easily leads to comparisons to post-rock bands like Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai but there are also elements in Brown Shoe's musics of British post-punk and American "jam" bands. The band's overall sound is an interesting amalgamation.

If you check out the video for "Aquarium" (which is one of the standout tracks on Jackalope), you will get a sense for the band's musical style.

Aquarium -- Music Video from Brown Shoe.

Lyrically, singer Ryan Baggaley paints some strong emotional pictures as he sings of love, loss and heartbreak which has led to further comparison to bands like Red House Painters.

On Jackalope, the band sounds at their best on the up-tempo anthemic songs. These songs have a tight, pulsing bass line, big swirling guitars and very crisp, driving drums. In addition to "Aquarium", other standout tracks on the disc are "Take This Paper And Burn It" and "Hey". Brown Shoe has a strong reputation for their live shows and I would bet that these songs are big crowd favorites.

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