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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rob Nicholas - Interview with BrooklynRocks (Chicago Jazz/Pop Fusion)

DOWNLOAD: Rob Nicholas & A Moment's Notice - Sittin' Away (MP3)

Rob NIcholas: Interview with BrooklynRocksRight before the holidays, I caught up with Chicago-based musician Rob Nicholas. Rob is a classically trained musician who has been playing around the Chicago area for the last ten years. Rob is about to release his first solo disc sometime in the next few weeks and his music is a fusion of world music, pop and jazz. Points of comparison are artists like Jason Mraz and James Blunt.

Rob and I had the chance to talk about his forthcoming solo EP, the breakup of his previous band (Rob Nicholas and A Moment's Notice), jazz purists, the state of the world and more. Here is a direct link to the MP3 of the interview and here is a link to the feed View RSS XML.

Rob's next show is February 7th at House of Blues in Chicago and he will be playing with Kirsten Price. Advance tickets are $10.

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