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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flipper - Generic Flipper CD Review (Water Records)

Flipper - Generic Flipper CD ReviewGeneric Flipper has been cited as inspiriation by numerous bands across genres ranging from dirge, grunge, drone and hardcore. In 2007, Blender magazine ranked Generic Flipper as #86 on their list of the 100 greatest "indie rock" albums of all time.

Flipper's nihilistic vision and sarcastic wit comes together on Generic Flipper to form a realistic, yet hopeful, portrayal of the human condition. Alan Vega (from Suicide) once said "Suicide was always about life. But we couldn' t call it Life. So we called it Suicide because we wanted to recognize life." and this quote is very applicable to Flipper's first full length as well.

The disc starts with a studio version of "Ever" that is significantly different from the shambling live version that was previously released on an early 7" (which is found on Sex Bomb Baby). The studio version is a pretty upbeat take, complete with hand claps, on a pretty dark song. Bleak lyrics like "Ever think you are smart. And then find out you aren't? Ever play the fool. And find out that you're worse?" set the mood for the majority of songs on this disc.

In the same groove as "Ever" are songs like "Life Is Cheap", "Shed No Tears" (for the fall of the authority figure) and "Nothing" (which is the closest Flipper comes to sounding like their West Coast hardcore contemporaries). Even with all of these dark images, there are still a few moments of light with songs like "Life" (which is the only thing worth living for) and the disc ends with an eight minute version of "Sex Bomb Baby".

Here is a live version of "Sex Bomb" from NorthSix in Brooklyn which captures the song as it was usually played live - just shy of a complete mess, but never completely breaking down. As you will see, Bruce handed off the mic (and isn't to be seen in the video) and the audience sings along.

All four of Flipper's original releases are now out on Water Records. Generic Flipper should hold a prime place in any aging or aspiring punk's music collection.

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