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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Doug Keith (Up The Empire) - CD Release Show @ Piano's on Jan. 9th

DOWNLOAD: Doug Keith - The Companion of An Angel (MP3)

Up The Empire's Doug Keith is unveiling his first recordings under his own name at a show at Piano's on Friday. Doug's new disc, Here's To Outliving Me comes out on January 13th on The Cougar Label.

The track posted above, "The Companion of An Angel", is pretty representative of the sound of Doug's new disk. Musically, this release would likely fall into the category of alt-country. Doug delivers his lyrics and creates imagery like the classic country/folk storytellers and there is a lot of delicate interplay between Doug's vocals, his guitar work and the work of his band mates. All of this is complemented by rich backing vocal harmonies on a number of the songs. There are three additional advance tracks from this release that you can download for free from Doug's page on The Cougar Label's site.

Sharing the bill with Doug at the show at Piano's are Voxhaul Broadcast, The Union Line and Cat Jaw. It looks like a good mix of bands and tickets are $10.

Doug Keith's MySpace Profile