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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Short Sharp Shock (SSS) - The Dividing Line CD Review (Earache)

Short Sharp Shock (SSS) - The Dividing Line CD ReviewLiverpool skate thrashers Short Sharp Shock are back with their second disc, The Dividing Line.

The Dividing Line mixes classic skate thrash with West Coast punk and, on the new disc, the band blasts through 20 new tunes. This disc is more diverse and heavier than its predecessor and the band seems even more p*ssed off. Musically, the band throws in a few instrumentals, which range from the cinematic opener "The Dividing Line" to the shredding guitar riffs of "The Waiting Game". Song themes ranges from skating ("Ride the Best, F*ck the Rest" pays homage to Independent Trucks and "SK8+Destroy", which features guest appearances from skaters Geoff Rowley and Howard Cooke) to being generally p*ssed off with the world around them ("Street Leech" and "Unrest in the Northwest").

SSS perfectly capture the energy of the 80's thrash bands and they also have a similar sense of black humor (i.e. S.O.D.). Crossfire recently posted an interview with lead singer Foxy and here is one of the questions:
If you had to do one of the following things which one would you choose and why?

a) Caught in a mosh with Anthrax.

b) Caught in a bong with Municipal Waste.

c) Surfing Nicaragua with Sacred Reich.

We don't do drugs, surfing is for fags so caught in a mosh it is! Why? - You can scoop your brains out with a rusty spoon, beat your chest like kong or bark at the moon and no-one cares what you look like.

The Dividing Line is available in a number of different formats and pressings. The US version of the new CD comes with free bonus DVD containing behind the scenes footage of the recording and aggro-touring action. There is a UK vinyl edition available through Earache's European Store which contains the LP-exclusive track "A Means to An End". There is also a "limited to 100 copies" splatter vinyl version of the disc which is also available from Earache's store.

Here is an extract from the bonus DVD:

SSS is playing some sporadic shows in the UK and their next show is March 1 @ Korova in Liverpool.

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