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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Disfigured Corpse - "Human Corrosion" CD Review (Crystal Productions)

Disfigured Corpse - Czech Republic death/thrash metal band Disfigured Corpse released their sixth disc Human Corrosion (Crystal Productions) earlier this year.

As this is the first time that I've heard Disfigured Corpse, based on the band's name alone, I was expecting them to have gore-core lyrics, similar to bands like Cannibal Corpse. After listening to this disc, I found my assumptions to be completely off-base. The band's outlook is significantly closer to a grindcore point of view - “We are DISFIGURED CORPSE, but in our lyrics you can´t find flying brains and ripping corpses. We are disfigured by the system we live in. Social topics, politics, establishment, religions, everyday life, this is our words we sing about and also have some fun with the posers and trendy styles still going around”. (From the band's MySpace page)

Musically, Disfigured Corpse play with the speed of a punk/thrash band so there is no superfluous guitar shredding or blast beats. Surprisingly clean (for the genre) production brings out the power of the band's attack and they sound somewhat like Cannibal Corpse crossed with D.R.I. Most of the songs utilize the (now standard) down-tuned guitars but singer Vladis breaks away from the gargled "Cookie Monster" vocal style that too many bands employ and sings with a hoarse, but understandable growl so the lyrics are mostly discernible. Breaking up the death metal tunes are straight-forward thrash songs like "Social Sterility" and "Terrible Certainty" which leverage (reasonably) clean vocals and guitars.

The disc goes by fairly quickly as the band blasts through seventeen songs in about 35 minutes. While Human Corrosion covers musical ground that will be immediately recognizable to fans of the genre, they do so with a freshness and old-school vigor that allows them to stand out from the pack. After nineteen years as a band, Human Corrosion shows Disfigured Corpse still standing strong.

Disfigured Corpse