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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grandfather Plays Union Pool on Nov. 20th // Debut Disc Recorded with Steve Albini Out Now

DOWNLOAD: Grandfather - BrooklynRocks Interview with Mike (Guitar) and Josh (Drums/Vocals)
DOWNLOAD: Grandfather - Why I'd Try (full album)

Here is a snippet from GQ Magazine's recent interview with Steve Albini:

Is there a young artist with integrity who inspires you today?

I have an unusual perspective in that I make records every day for a living. I see a lot of bands on a weekly basis. I see little bits and pieces of behavior that are encouraging. There was a band that came into the studio a while back called Grandfather. They were an art rock band that organized the funding of their record through Kickstarter. They were really well rehearsed and came into the studio and knocked the record out in a couple of days. Because they didn't have a record label or any promotion schedule to adhere to, they were able to get their record manufactured and distributed within a couple of months. That's the kind of nimble, efficient behavior that was previously impossible when there was a corporate structure involved. It gives me confidence other bands will figure it out.
Grandfather's debut release, Why I'd Try, is out now in multiple formats (store link). There is a limited edition vinyl version with handmade art (edition of 300), a limited edition CD version (limited to 1000 copies) and as a free MP3 download. This is a great disc that mixes elements from the harder side of prog-rock with grunge and the start/stop rhythms of post-punk and have come up with some tracks that are immediately ear-grabbing.

Guitarist Mike Kirsch has posted a well-written, detailed account of the band's frustration with their digital home studio technology and their subsequent decision to record with Steve Albini. Here is a link to Part I.

Grandfather is playing a show this Friday, Nov. 20th at Union Pool along with Hollis Brown and The Hot Press.