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Monday, November 15, 2010

Quinn Marston: "Can You Hear Me See Me Now" CD EP Review (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

DOWNLOAD: Quinn Marston - "Can You Hear Me See Me Now?"

Quinn Marston: Quinn Marston’s debut EP “Can You Hear Me See Me Now” (Ernest Jenning Record Co.,) is a quirky and charming affair that is reminiscent of Liz Phair’s Girly Sounds tapes and the early releases from Kill Rocks Stars/K Records. On this DIY sounding effort, 20-year old New Yorker enlisted the efforts of Tim Foljahn (Two Dollar Guitar, Thurston Moore, Cat Power) and members of True Love. Producer Tom Beaujour (Nada Surf, Right on Dynamite and The Virgins) adds to the overall sound by capturing the raw energy in Quinn's songs.

Lyrically, the songs cover intimate, personal themes and reflective moments in time but this introspection is counterbalanced by the bouncy, melodic indie-pop sounds that span this disc. "I'm a big fan of emotional honesty," Quinn says. "Art is a place for disclosure. A lot of my friends have different views. They argue that it's bad when art is too much like a journal, but I disagree. I feel like art should be the one place where people can be really, truly honest. That's the beauty of rock 'n' roll for me, it's this place where you can let everything hang out."

The songs on this new EP are all fully developed but each of the eight tracks on “Can You Hear Me See Me Now” clock in around two minutes each so the disc passes quickly. While a few more songs would have been welcome, this EP leaves me in a good place so I’m looking forward to hearing its follow-up.

Quinn Marston