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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hot Chip - "What's In My Bag": Shopping at Amoeba Records, San Francisco

London electro-pop band Hot Chip just finished a well-received US tour. The band was out on the West Coast last month and here is how SF Weekly described the band's show at The Warfield: "Hot Chip bring[s] it live. This weekend was awash in stage adaptations of electro-pop acts, and this one was at least as compelling as Miike Snow's, without the creepy face masks. (HC singer Alexis Taylor was wearing a sequined-elephant-festooned baseball cap that my stepmother also owns, but that was an entirely different, altogether more non-threatening kind of creepy.) At six strong -- only one more than their current operational lineup, mind you -- they breathed more life into their songs than I've ever found on record: something about the distribution of sounds, maybe, or the refreshingly schlubby keyboardist-cum-cowbell guy, or the non-stop dancing other-keyboardist, or the drummer. The drummer! God bless the touring drummers of electronic-based bands, you know? Their rhythmic precision, their interminable fours-on-the-floor, their tireless muscle memory." (link to full review)

Here is a video of Hot Chip stopping in at Amoeba Records in San Francisco for some record shopping while they were in town along with an audience video from the show at The Warfield.

Hot Chip
Amoeba Records