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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alison Clancy & Electric Child are Playing Mercury Lounge on Jan. 6th

Alison Clancy & Electric Child are Playing Mercury Lounge on Jan. 6thHuff This' Alison Clancy's new project Electric Child is playing Mercury Lounge on January 6th.

(From an interview with Sadie Magazine)
Sadie: If you had to describe your band-dance-art and what you’re doing to someone who had never heard of you before, what would you say?

Alison Clancy: I’m working on a new electro-punk-disco project called Electric Child. My job is to be my crazy creature self: I think as little as possible. Club owners and authorites are often alerted when we start, cause I have a habit of jumping off pianos and climbing stuff. I make people nervous, but usually land on my feet. The music is sonically smashed by my cohorts Roger Greenawalt and Genji Siraisi. We might change the name to Baby Voltage.

Alison Clancy is understood by the refined to be the best new Rock Front Person from New York City since Karen O. Her primary stalker is named Peter. Seriously. He's French. His persistence has inspired a new song called "Peter Peter" that will be debuted at Mercury Lounge. When not wreaking musical havoc, Alison works as a dancer with The Metropolitan Opera, Zvi Dance, Shen Wei Dance Arts, and has appeared at the Guggennheim Museum, Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, and Lincoln Center Theater. All this "uptown" pressure is furiously unleashed in her growling Electric performances.

On Bass is Recovering Crack Addict and Visionary Record Producer Roger Greenawalt (The Pierces/Ben Kweller/Iggy Pop) He has done dinner with Allen Ginsberg, lunched with Yoko, and shared breakfast with Warren Buffett. Recently he spawned a project called Beatles Complete On Ukulele where he plays the entire Beatles catalog in 24 hours.

On Drums is the skeptical primate Ethan Eubanks. Ethan has played with Ivy, Crash Test Dummies, David Mead, Joseph Arthur, Teddy Thompson, and on numerous on air commercials that even now are passing through your deteriorating body. Eubanks has shaken hands with presidents, dined with dignitaries, and romanced models.

Electric Child most recently performed right before Kim Gordon at the sold-out Kathleen Hanna tribute show at Knitting Factory.

Surprise special guests at past shows have included Zee Avi, Fiona Silver and Danny Musengo, who flirt, wail, and take fierce air guitar solos!
Electric Child is sharing the bill with The Wellington Papers and Voxhaul Broadcast. Tickets are $10 and Electric Child goes on at 9:30PM.

Electric Child