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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dylan In The Movies Release "Girl With the Black Tights" (feat. Tanya Donelly)

Girl With The Black Tights by BrooklynRocks

Dylan In The Movies Release 'Girl With the Black Tights' (feat. Tanya Donelly)The new single from Dylan In The Movies has officially dropped (click on the cover to go to iTunes). “Girl With the Black Tights (feat. Tanya Donelly)” is another Dylan In The Movies gem full of epic hooks and beautiful harmonies. Indie-rock goddess, Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Breeders, Belly) shares vocals and co-write credit.

Dylan In The Movies is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Brian Sullivan. In 2006, the band’s self-released ep "Feel the Pull" earned the band an indie cult following and caught the attention of DJs across the country, including those from KCRW and KEXP. Their long awaited debut full-length features guest appearances from The Watson Twins and Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Breeders, Belly), who also shares a co-write credit on the track ‘Girl With the Black Tights.’ Having recorded the album at a number of New England locales, most notably on Gary Smith’s (Juliana Hatfield, Pixies, Billy Bragg) idyllic farm in New Hampshire, the sound is charged with an authentic sensibility that is only fitting for the band. Dylan In The Movies creates a mood within its musical landscape. There is an emotional rending that is explicit and revealing yet pleasantly delivered. A blend of nostalgia, loss, and redemption haunt these dreamlike melodies and killer hooks to astounding effect. Echoes of melodic melancholy run through standouts like "Josephine If You Only Knew" and "Truro", while "City Skies" and "Girl With the Black Tights" offer irresistible riffs that spill over with sunshine.

Dylan in the Movies