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Thursday, December 23, 2010

PJ Harvey Releases Video for "The Last Living Rose" from Upcoming Album "Let England Shake" (Vagrant)

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey

PJ Harvey Releases Video for 'The Last Living Rose' from Upcoming Album 'Let England Shake' (Vagrant)PJ Harvey has just released "The Last Living Rose" off of her upcoming album Let England Shake (available Feb 15 on Vagrant Records). The video was directed by the award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy who has directed series of videos to accompany all 12 songs on Let England Shake. The twelve videos feature still and moving images from a 5,000 mile road-trip Murphy undertook around England. He has worked similarly with still photography on journeys through America and Russia.

Inspired and developed from themes in Harvey’s new album, the films were made in the manner of classic photographic reportage - recording real & spontaneous situations. They make up a visual diary of Murphy’s journey, travelling light and alone, and his attempt to document England and the English. Murphy has mixed his observations on England with images from his work in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East - places Polly refers to in her depiction of England. The film soundtrack, the studio recording of the album Let England Shake, is mixed at times with footage and audio Murphy captured of Harvey in rehearsal and in performance. In addition some of the album lyrics were given a voice by people he encountered on his journey.

"The Last Living Rose" Lyrics

Goddam' Europeans!
Take me back to England
& the grey, damp filthiness of ages,
fog rolling down behind the mountains,
& on the graveyards, and dead sea-captains.

Let me walk through the stinking alleys
to the music of drunken beatings,
past the Thames River, glistening like gold
hastily sold for nothing.

Let me watch night fall on the river,
the moon rise up and turn to silver,
the sky move,
the ocean shimmer,
the hedge shake,
the last living rose quiver.

PJ Harvey - Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone
John Parish - Drums, Guitar, Trombone, Vocals
Mick Harvey - Drums, Organ, Vocals

PJ Harvey