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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Morning After Girls: Interview with Sasha Lucashenko (vocals/guitar) // New Disc Out Jan. 11th

DOWNLOAD: The Morning After Girls - Interview with vocalist/guitarist Sasha Lucashenko (Dec. 10)

The Morning After Girls: Interview with Sasha Lucashenko (vocals/guitar)Right before Christmas, I had the chance to catch up with vocalist / guitarist Sasha Lucashenko from the psych-rock band The Morning After Girls. We talked about the band new disc, Alone, which is coming out next month on Xemu Records (Dead Meadow, Spindrift), the postponed NYC CD release show (which was due to visa issues) and the band's plans for 2011.

The Morning After Girls' forthcoming disc, Alone, marks the first new album from the group since their self titled album in 2005 and the vinyl and cd versions drop on 1/11/11. Recorded in a revamped Church turned recording studio in Australia, this recording takes melodic and shimmering music and captures it in cavernous reverb. Band co-founder Martin B. Sleeman described the recording as "It was in a refurbished church that our friends made into a studio. they kept the basic internal design, the main drum room is in the highest part of the chuch which got this huge echo. there was two ambient room mics hanging from the highest beam of the church which captured this natural cavernous effect. we used them on everything, there’s no digital effects on the album at all.

In the world today there are so many distractions that there are no chances to be alone, truly alone. Not in a lonely place but to experience things purely without a filter. This is the headspace we were in when we wrote the record” says vocalist/guitarist Sacha Lucashenko. Martin B Sleeman says “people have a tendency to say something is irrelevant if it’s been experienced before, like a style of music, or the human experience itself, once the popular eye has moved on from it. we feel very passionate about focusing on the human experience with the story of this album. we feel that this album is a story from the past and the present, as it’s initial beauty is there and can be admired in whatever time you sit with it. it’s like ‘feel this album with us and experience what we are experiencing alone’.

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