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Friday, January 28, 2011

Creations End – Live Footage from Debut Show / “A New Beginning” CD Review

Creations End – Live Footage from Debut Show / 'A New Beginning' CD ReviewCreation's End is a new progressive/power metal band that is the outgrowth of a long-time collaboration between guitarist Rudy Albert (ex-Zandelle) and drummer Dario Rodriguez. Rounding out the lineup with vocalist Mike DiMeo (ex-Masterplan, ex-Riot), guitarist Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), and bassist Joe Black (Chris Caffery, ex-Zandelle). the band's debut album, A New Beginning was released last November via New Jersey’s Sensory Records.

I had the opportunity to talk with Rudy and Dario right after the record was released and asked how they would describe their sound.

"We have been asked this a lot and have been describing our music as “arena prog. rock”. The music is big and bombastic but we hope that it has universal appeal so that everyone can find something in it that they like."
The band made their live debut at a record-release show on December 3 at New York City's Ace of Clubs.

The new disc contains eight tracks of epic power-metal and the average track is just over seven minutes long. It is extremely refreshing that Creation’s End refuses to succumb to any of the clichés within the prog. rock genre as the disc never sinks into indulgent navel gazing or meandering technical wankery. All of the songs are purposeful, melodic and tight so the disc becomes a fulfilling listen.

As a whole, the songs on A New Beginning are dark and musically dense and contain elements of both American (Dream Theater) and European (Masterplan) power metal. Vocalist Mike DiMeo adds an edge to the band’s sound as he sing with a hard-rock style which doesn’t require a falsetto range to project its power. Guitarists Rudy Albert and Marco Sfogli throw down some solid riffs which are intertwined with soaring solos and Albert doubles up on keyboards, which are featured prominently on some tracks.

The band changes styles and tempos across the disc so each song is distinctive enough to stand on its own. Two of the strongest cuts are disc opener “Of Shadow and Flame” and “World Holocaust” where the band weaves together the best elements of the prog and power-metal genres which are then accentuated by some of Mike DiMeo’s strongest vocals on this disc.

Given the strengths of A New Beginning, expectations are going to be high for whenever the band goes back into the studio to record their follow-up.

Creation's End