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Monday, January 03, 2011

Darlingside Play Free Show at Rockwood Music Hall on Jan. 5th

Roots-rock quintet Darlingside are playing a free show this Wednesday at Rockwood Music Hall (8PM set time). The band describes their music as "string rock" and they prominently incorporate often intertwined violin, mandolin, cello and saz (I had to look this one up) into their music.

The band is touring behind their new six-song EP, "EP 1", and band's music skirts and incorporates a number of genres seamlessly. The disc starts with two up-tempo roots-rock style numbers and the leadoff track, "Good Man", sounds like something that a more talented version of Nickleback could have written. The third track, "Malea", is the closest that the band comes to indie-rock and features some creative percussion along with Jeff Buckley-like falsetto vocals. The band slows things down for the EP's final three tracks. Five-part vocal harmonies and prominently featured strings make these tracks sound like something that could have some out of the early 70's Laurel Canyon country-rock scene. Across this disc, the band is able to blend their influences into something that sounds both organic and fresh.

Here is a live recording of "The Catbird Seat" (which is from the new EP).