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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Phantom Family Halo Play Coco66 on Jan. 28th

DOWNLOAD: Phantom Family Halo - "Blackouts and Runaways"

The Phantom Family Halo, “Alive And Well” by karatebody

Praised by the likes of Julian Cope and handpicked by Slint to open the west coast leg of the group’s 2005 reunion tour, Phantom Family Halo refused to rest. In the past two years, principal songwriter Dominic Cipolla released two critical albums, 2009’s Monoliths & These Flowers Never Die and Music For Italian TV last October, and relocated to Brooklyn. This week, Halo announced it will record a split 10-inch called Mindeater with Bonnie “Prince” Billy to be released in April on Sophomore Lounge.

Tickets for the show at Coco66 are $7 and Phantom Family Halo are playing with Spectre Folk, Hubble and Ancient Ocean.

"I’m also right blown away by the catchy and compelling all-purpose psychedelia of THE LEGEND OF BLACK SIX by power trio The Phantom Family Halo. I say ‘all purpose’ because this stuff is useful and should be available by the vat on prescription, because it’s good for the mental health. I say power trio, but this lot are greedy motherfuckers with a hefty set of auxiliary members. The sound is totally reminiscent of that 1970 period when no fucker could control the number of overdubs, and these guys pass through every stage from The Youngbloods and Kalackakra to a kind of Amon Duul PARADIESWARTS DUUL-informed take on David Voorhaus’ White Noise project via early (very early) Chrome on their way to the proto metal of ‘Electric God In Your Galaxy’. This record is vinyl only, I believe, but double check by contacting"
- Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes

Phantom Family Halo