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Saturday, January 08, 2011

LIVEEVIL - "Unique Constellation" CD Review (Crystal Productions)

LIVEEVIL - 'Unique Constellation' CD Review (Crystal Productions)LIVEEVIL is a Czech electro-metal band and the band's second disc, Unique Constellation, came out toward the end of 2009. This disc is a refreshing change of pace from some of the pummel-and-growl death metal discs that I've received recently as Unique Constellation has a number of memorable songs, with melodic hooks that stick with you after listening.

The band's sound relies heavily on prominent, swirling keyboards and clean, chugging guitar riffs. The band's music falls somewhere between Type O Negative and The Genitorturers but there is also a bit of 80's British synth-pop thrown in the mix. On the goth-rock songs, vocalist Petr's "Peter Steele"-style vocals are high in the mix and become one of the focal points of the song. On other songs, Petr uses a more 'mainstream' vocal style which could be compared to what Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) might sound like after too much cigarettes and whiskey. There are also a couple songs ("Resistance") where the focus is on darkwave dance grooves and the vocals are pushed down in the mix. The disc contains nine originals and covers of Duffy's "Mercy" and Mew's "Snow Brigade". I'm not familiar with the original versions of either of these songs so I can't offer much commentary. The Duffy cover is a bit too pop for my taste but Mew cover seems to fit right in with LIVEEVIL's originals.

Where too many bands are going for shear brutality, LIVEEVIL are a refreshing change of pace and Unique Constellation merits repeat listening.

The leadoff track from the disc, "Monster World" (video below), is indicative of the band's strengths.