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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Triple Threat of Terror: Others, Creepersin, DieMonsterDie" CD Review (MVD)

Triple Threat of Terror: Others, Creepersin, DieMonsterDie CD Review (MVD)Triple Threat of Terror (MVD Audio) is a fifteen track compilation from three long-running bands from the horror-punk scene. Each band takes five tracks and their music showcases some of the different styles within the genre.

The disc kicks off with Creepersin, which was formed in 2004 and hail from Orange Country, CA. The band has put out a string of singles, EPs and albums with a revolving door lineup where the only constant has been singer/songwriter Creep Creepersin. Creepersin has a 60’s / rockabilly sound that sounds like a cross between Michale Graves and X and horror movie lyrics that are similar to Graves’ Web of Dharma project.

Creepersin is also a successful film director with credits on a large number of indie films (“Blood Lust Romance”, “Meet Me Out in the Sticks” and “OC Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown”) and the web show “MKC: Monster Killers Club” and he bridged these worlds by joining forces with film collaborator Gary Griffith (“Before the Rain”, “Dustflow”) on Creepersin’s most recent disc, 2010’s Creepersin Reanimated. Creepersin and Griffith have continued recording together for another full-length and some upcoming split releases. The split album Creepersin vs. 13 Tombs: Split Psychosis is due out by the end of 2011.

Next up is DieMonsterDie from Salt Lake City, Utah and they have a ‘Type O Negative meets The Dwarves’ sound. DieMonsterDie have been plugging along since an early incarnation of the band formed in 1995 (as Casa Diablo) and they have released six albums to date. Singer Zero Delorean sings tales of blood letting, b-movie horror films and blasphemy in a deep “Pete Steele” style baritone while the band lays down some melodic hooks that combine the power-punk melodies of bands like The Dwarves and Groovie Ghoulies with the 60’s-a-go-go sound of bands like The Cramps.

DieMonsterDie proclaims that they are on a mission to “destroy rock n’ roll” and song titles like “All Covered in Blood and Dressed Like a Whore” and “A Priest and a Zombie Rent a Fishing Boat as Friends” say a lot about where the band’s head is.

The last band up is Binghamptom, NY’s Others. Of the three bands on this compilation, Others have been around the shortest time (2002) but already have put out fifteen independent releases. Others have more of a harder edge than the previously mentioned bands and their music sounds like a cross between early punk and Los Angeles-style death rock (early Christian Death and 45 Grave) so this is some pretty dark and menacing stuff.

Others’ mainman Mark Dickinson is also a film director and the band has won awards for two of their short films, "Under the Sunset" (winner of the 2009 International Haunted Horror Film Fest for best Horror Musical) & "Broken Vessels" (winner of the 2009 International Haunted Horror Film Fest for best music video ). The later is a fairly creepy film about "4 unfortunate souls who decide to check out rumours of strange happenings at a retired military base and the tragic fate that awaits them."