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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fort Wilson Riot Plays Fontana's on Dec. 12th / "Generation Complex" EP Out Dec. 3rd

01 For All The Little Things by Fort Wilson Riot

02 All My Friends by Fort Wilson Riot

Fort Wilson Riot Plays Fontana's on Dec. 12th / 'Generation Complex' Out Dec. 3rdIndie dance-rock duo Fort Wilson Riot have a new EP, "Generation Complex", coming out Dec. 3rd and are playing Fontana's on Dec. 12th. This new 6-track EP is coming out on a double EP split-vinyl release with psychedelic rockers Phantom Tails.

The new EP pulls you in right away with its dark and catchy rhythms but there is a lot more complexity and depth beneath the surface that reveals itself after repeat listens. There is so much going on in the music that it is hard to find a single label (or even a half-dozen labels) that describe Fort Wilson Riot....the disc starts with "For All the Little Things", which sounds something from Matt & Kim, and rapidly progresses into darkwave dance territory where the band sounds more like Apes & Androids or Shriekback. Regardless of labels, the end result is a captivating, unique sound where the band's songs hold up well after repeat listens.

In their own music, Fort Wilson Riot isn’t just happy to let it stay the same either. Yes, they make great harmonies, with Amy’s soprano lifting and floating over Jacob’s growl and yelp, but there is nothing easily classifiable about the rest of their sound. From the crashing guitars and keys, to the blasting uplift of trumpet and harmonica lines to the dancing thump of electronic drums, Fort Wilson Riot are an energy that grabs a hold of you and takes you on a journey. The music doesn’t let up, and wherever they are, neither do Fort Wilson Riot.

Fort Wilson Riot is taking the stage at 11PM at the show at Fontana's and they are playing with Shane Shane (10PM) (who mentions on his Facebook page that his interests are "nipples, pronouncing nipples "nipp-o's").

Fort Wilson Riot