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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Despite Exile - "Re-Evolve" CD EP Review

Despite Exile - 'Re-Evolve' CD EP Review (Djent/Metalcore)
In an interview with Metal Shock Finland, Italian metalcore crew Despite Exile described their songwriting process as “every song must be like a train that hits you in the face”. The band’s new EP, “Re-Evolve”, holds true to this promise and the disc’s three tracks (12 minutes) is a solid slab of prog-influenced Djent/Metalcore that can hold its own against established bands like Whitechapel and Meshuggah (both of whom the band cites as influences).

Despite Exile has been together for four years and the band released their self-produced debut EP “Scarlet Reverie” last year. “Re-Evolve”, the band’s sophomore disc, continues in the same view as its predecessor. This time out, the band has added Djent into their sound along with tighter production, which brings out the balance between the band’s brutal riffs and blast beats, their melodies and vocalist Jei Durisotti’s rabid death metal growls.

The disc starts with “Oscillate” (which is streaming at and this track sets the tone for the disc with melodic guitar leads layered on top of driving groove-based riffs and a rumbling bass. “Perfection Neutralized” continues in this vein but the guitar work is a bit more slashing and aggressive than its predecessor and this song also adds gang vocals on the almost-melodic chorus. The band changes paces and slows down a bit on the final track, “Mechanical”, which contains some soaring epic guitar leads and a mid-song breakdown that is sure to get the pit going.

This new EP is evidently a ‘teaser’ for the band’s first full-length which is in-progress and the band expects to be in pre-production soon.

Despite Exile