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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cruiser - "Cruiser" CD EP Review (Power Pop)

Cruiser - 'Cruiser' CD EP Review (Power Pop)
"Cruiser, a solo project by Philadelphia native Andy States, was brought to life in the walk-in closet of a crowded inner city loft. States’ demos eventually landed in the hands of Jeremy Park, producer of Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation, who offered to produce Cruiser’s EP after hearing the songs. With its infectious melodies and beachy guitars, the Cruiser EP captures the carefree essence of the summer months. Whether enjoyed in good company or completely alone, quite simply, Cruiser is meant to make you feel good."

Cruiser is an impressive six-song EP (21 minutes) that sounds like the work of a full band rather than a solo project. The disc opens with "The Fritz" which is an atmospheric guitar-driven power-pop number whose sound falls somewhere between The Plimsouls and The Walkmen. The first three cuts on the disc follow in a similar vein and all the songs have a upbeat "summertime" vibe. States slows things down with hazy 60's pop of "Souvenir" which emphasizes his vocals in place of the tight guitar-driven melodies on the first three songs. "Home Turf" picks back up the pace and, with its earnest vocals and vocals harmonies, sounds like a number by one of early 60's doo-wop groups. Continually shifting styles - the disc ends with "Moving to Neptune", which could be mistaken for an 80's New Wave song if it wasn't so chill.