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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bel Argosy - "The Wreck of the Bel Argosy" 7" Review (Power-Punk)

DOWNLOAD: Bel Argosy - "Into the Distance"

Bel Argosy - 'The Wreck of the Bel Argosy' 7-Inch Review (Power-Punk)
Brooklyn four-piece Bel Argosy are a young and fairly new band but they have a familiar sound that is comparable to some of the late 70's CBGB bands. The band just released their debut 7" - a limited edition (ltd. to 200) vinyl single - which comes with a hand drawn comic by lead singer Billy Lopez. Across the disc's four tracks (9 minutes), the band bashes out melodic garage-rock influenced power-punk that seems to draw from bands like the Ramones and Marbles.

The disc starts with "Into the Distance" which is a 'ragged but right' guitar-driven number with Joey Ramone style vocals and a big chorus. The next track, "P-Centric", follows in a similar vein but the vocals are more upfront and the track has a glam-rock swagger. "Yer Business" is a melodic power-punk number with a nice bass line and "World's Not Me" is an old-school 70's punk number about a girl ("You can f*ck who you want to f*ck and that's cool with the world...but its not alright with me").

"Bel Argosy plays pop-rock-punk songs about a series of imaginary, lazily-composed myths and legends involving stone dog statues, familial curses and elevators. And airports. But don’t worry: There are also a few songs about GIRLS! (Girls – aren’t they the best?) Billy Lopez (vocals, guitar) started the band with Julian Graham (drums), Chris Cumming (bass) and Beau Alessi (lead guitar) in late 2010 after deciding it was probably a good idea to get this sort of thing out of his system before he turned 30." - from the band's bio

These guys have to be a lot of fun live but, unfortunately, there are no shows scheduled at the moment.

Bel Argosy