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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DC's Paperhaus Release 'Helicopters' from Forthcoming Sophomore EP 'Lo Hi Lo' (Out May 28th)

DC's Paperhaus Release 'Helicopters' from Forthcoming Sophomore EP 'Lo Hi Lo' (Out May 28th)
Based on the first track, "Helicopters", from DC's Paperhaus, I'm intrigued as the band sounds somewhat like Michael Hampton's (x-Faith, State of Alert) little-heard but much missed DC post-hardcore band Manifesto. Paperhaus is playing a show tonight in California and is working their way back east but...there are no local area shows scheduled.

Paperhaus released its alt-country styled self-titled EP in 2011, and will release its second effort, an EP entitled "Lo Hi Lo" on May 28th, 2013. "Lo Hi Lo" was recorded at DC's Inner Ear studios with producer Ivan Basuri, and reflects the more pop side of Paperhaus' psychedelic music. A full-length LP of more blues and funk influenced psychedelic music is already in the works and will be released in 2014.

Paperhaus' Spring 2013 Tour Dates:
04.30 • The Bat Cave (Arcata, CA)
05.01 • Valentine's (Portland, OR)
05.02 • El Corazon (Seattle, WA)
05.03 • Bird Stop (Caldwell, ID)
05.07 • GNU: Experience Gallery (Fort Collins, CO)
05.08 • Mouth House (Denver, CO)
05.09 • Side Door Lounge (Omaha, NE)
05.11 • Kitty Kat Club (Minneapolis, MN)
05.13 • Blank Space (St. Louis, MO)
05.14 • Haymarket Whiskey Bar (Louisville, KY)
05.16 • The Other Basement (Nashville, TN)
05.19 • Woodruff's (Ypsilani, MI)
05.20 • Mahalls 20 Lanes (Lakewood, OH)
05.21 • Basement Transmissions (Erie, PA)
05.23 • Anthony's House (Honeybrook, PA)
05.24 • BSP Lounge (Kingston, NY)
05.26 • The Elevens (Northampton, MA)
05.28 • People's Art Collective (New Haven, CT)
05.29 • Radio Bean (Burlington, VT)
05.30 • O'Briens (Boston, MA)

Paperhaus started in a basement in the suburbs of Washington, DC, where guitarists Alex Tebeleff and Eduardo Rivera spent their teenage years playing music together with ears buzzing from Radiohead, Television, and Fela Kuti. Miles away in Philadelphia, the dissonant vibrato of drummer Brandon Moses howled over distorted blues, while bassist John Di Lascio’s three drunken years playing absurdist prog-pop in shady Japanese yakuza bars were winding down.

When the haze cleared, these four musicians found themselves in the Red Door room in DC's legendary Gold Leaf Studios (R.I.P.), screaming raw vocal poetry into rickety old mics and bleeding cosmic noise through rusty tube amps. All night jams edged into anything from CAN to DC Gogo, while haunting noisescapes echoed of Sonic Youth and Scott Walker. Above it all hung country-blues and pop-oriented arrangements with deeply personal lyrics.