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Sunday, October 06, 2013

White Wizzard: Vocalist Joesph Michael Leaves Band During UK Tour / War of Words Follows (Earache Records)

White Wizzard: Vocalist Joesph Michael Leaves Band During UK Tour (Earache Records)
Stories of lineup troubles within Los Angeles 'traditional metal' band White Wizzard have become legendary but the latest - the departure of newcomer vocalist Joseph Michael - really seems to be over the top.

The following tweets have been coming out over the last 24 hours from the band's official Twitter account (@whitewizzard):

10/5 @ 10:09AM: Good times coming in Cardiff Wales tonight at Bogiez rock club!!!!!(BrooklynRocks Note: Calm before the storm)

10/5 @ 4:02PM:  Hey all our singer is drunk in a pub somewhere in Wales when he is supposed to be on stage.....if you see him tell him to get to the venue Bogiez ASAP!! We may have to roll with Jon Leon and various fans on vox.....YIKES!!

10/5 @ 7:11PM: So fans of the Wizzard in London here is the deal. Joseph Michael fucked off our gig in Cardiff and left us... (BrooklynRocks Note: Facebook link is dead)

10/5 @ 9:34PM: Just FYI to all the fans, If Joseph Michael sends you an email stating anything at all negative or suspicious do... (BrooklynRocks Note: It is now getting pretty weird - again, Facebook link is dead)

10/5 @ 11:08PM: Just a last FYI on the erroneous and false things Joseph Michael has began to post about Jon Leon. They are fully... (BrooklynRocks Note: Wha?? - again, Facebook link is dead)

10/5 @ 11:16PM: We are very honored to announce that we have secured amazing singer Giles Lavery to do the rest of the tour. We will have more links and info for you all tomorrow. Amazing singer. Very humbled and excited to get out there and see where it can go. Cheers and thanks again to the Cardiff fans for your support on a difficult but amazing evening!!! (BrooklynRocks Note: I'm shocked/skeptical that any touring band can replace their lead singer in under a day but...this is probably who will be singing at the Webster Hall show.  Lavery sings (sang?) with Australian power-metal band Dragonsclaw)

10/6 @ 6:18PM: Okay WW fans. We want to report that Joseph Michael our now former singer, last week while in Brighton after our first show, stole a bag belonging to a very sweet girl named Charlotte Croucher. Her face book page can be found here please mail her https://facebook.com/charlotte.croucher.5?fref=ts.  Her bag contains a wallet, passports and other very important documents. After finally coming clean after we caught him with it, he stated that he would return it to her in London. After fucking off our show in Cardiff last night when he refused to give us the bag to return to this girl in London. She rode up all the way from Brighton to get her bag and sat outside our gig for hours(which he fucked off again) She is now very distraught and on the way back to Brighton with no bag. We feel horrible. Please pressure Joseph Michael to do the right thing and return the girls bag. We hope some face book pressure will get it done. Feel free to write her directly and question the validity of this and try and help her. Hopefully some public pressure will do the trick. Hopefully it also shows you all the character of the kind of person he is. Thanks all. (BrooklynRocks Note: Ok - This one is striking me as the most far fetched...the day after your singer leaves, you post that he stole a handbag. The handbag owner had posted to Facebook a week prior that the bag was probably in a band's (your?) merch. van. What happened over the course of the week? Royal Mail is no worse than USPS...if that wasn't a viable option, I'm sure the police would be a better option than 'face book pressure'.)

Joseph Michael's response:

Here is the real story on White Wizzard

Jon has been stealing money from us . From indie gogo fund and out on tour and i called him out on it.

He then fired me last night on the night off...

Then announced that i was refusing to sing... It's all lies...

I was fired and he couldnt find someone to sing so he begged me 5 minutes before they went on...

Jon Leon is a Con man and has not honored one word he has said since i have joined this band... After i sang on White Wizzard - Devil's Cut he threatened to forbid Earache Records from releasing it with my vocals if i didn't sign a new contract giving no rights and a far worse deal..After the work was done...

If it wasn't for Will Wallner and Jake Dreyer Standing up to this criminal he would have left myself and filmmaker Don Adams stranded in the middle of nowhere...

Jon Leon has paid for nothing on this trip and has acted a child the whole time. Please Do not Let him rip you off if you Purchased From Indie Go Go... Goodnight

White Wizzard